Barr Was So Angered by Trump’s Election Lies He Almost Regretted All the Lies He Told for Trump

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Americans who believed that former Attorney General William Barr was not much more than a bought-and-paid-for “yes” man, a living, breathing legal rubber stamp, willing to defend and give cover to any idea that his boss had, had good reason for those beliefs. Before he even got the gig, Barr wrote an op-ed all but begging former, one-term, twice permanently impeached President Donald J. Trump to be named Attorney General so he could help Trump squash the Mueller investigation.

Once he got the job and the Mueller Report was delivered, Barr infamously wrote a summary of the report which attempted to cast Trump in as positive a light as possible. Barr’s obfuscations and distortions about the findings of the Mueller Report are still used by Trump’s defenders to claim that he was exonerated. The actual report, however, paints a much murkier picture, and ultimately concludes that Mr. Trump would have certainly been prosecuted for a host of crimes, were they not committed while he was the president.

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As much as Barr and Trump seemed to enjoy a cordial relationship, since losing the election and his attempted insurrection, the former president has had a very public falling-out with Barr. Former AG Barr has tried to distance himself from Trump’s repeated claims that the election was rigged against him. Their relationship has hit an all-time low over the past couple of days, after transcripts from Barr’s books were published in which he had some blunt words for Trump’s election claims, which sparked a blistering tirade from Trump.

The feuding isn’t over, however. This morning, Barr appeared on Fox News to promote the book, and was asked about the situation.

“I enjoyed most of my work for former President Trump. It’s just that, in the final days of his administration, things took a turn,” Barr explained. “It became obvious to me that he wasn’t going to stop lying about losing the election, and he wanted me to tell those lies with him. The walls started to close in at that point, and I realized that he thought I’d lie about losing for him, because I spent so much time lying for him about other stuff.”

Barr said he can see now how he “led Donald on” and “gave him the wrong impression” about his willingness to lie about “everything and anything.”

“I definitely can see how I gave him the idea that I would be willing to tell any lie he wanted me to tell, since you know, my job literally was to tell any lie he wanted me to tell,” Barr admitted. “Still, in all honesty, it made me pretty upset that he kept pushing me to tell his election lies for him, and it almost made me regret the dozens of lies I told on his behalf prior to that moment. Almost. Not quite. I mean, I didn’t and don’t really regret them, but boy did he make me come as close to feeling regret as a snake-blooded authoritarian slugfuck can get!”

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