United Airlines Ending Its Frequent Fuckface Miles Program

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United Airlines has announced that after careful consideration of the events of the past 48 hours they will be ending their Frequent Fuckface Miles program, effective immediately. The Frequent Fuckface Miles rewards system is a favorite among misanthropic politicians and celebrities looking to take a flight and at the same time signal to sentient species everywhere what a pluperfect fuckface they are. However, as has been the case for Simpson’s quotes and pornography, Senator Ted Cruz has, according to United, “ruined it for everyone.”

“We probably should have known that at some point Ted Cruz would ruin this, just as he ruins everything eventually,” Susan Carolsby, United’s Deputy Chief Media Officer, told reporters in a conference call this morning. “We just didn’t know when he’d ruin the Frequent Fuckface Miles rewards program. Then, he had to go and take a Mexican vacation while the people in his state that pay his salary were literally freezing and without power. He forced our hand, because we can’t have people abusing the program like that, even if they’re literally the worst fuckface in a sea of fuckfaces.”

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Any and all Frequent Fuckface Miles held will be null and void, Carolsby announced. United will offer no compensation for the lost miles. Ms. Carolsby expects that some of the fuckfaces impacted by this decision will “scream like stuck pigs,” but that they should check the terms and conditions of the program before they start howling too loudly.

“The bottom line is that our terms and conditions are quite clear that they can be altered or changed at anytime,” Carolsby explained. “But beyond that, these are fuckfaces. We think we can handle a PR crisis if a bunch of fuckfaces start complaining. It’s hard for fuckfaces to win in the court of public opinion.”

Sen. Cruz was too busy trying to to look like he was working on behalf of Texas to comment on this story.

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