Trump Tweets “Sand Ni**er” Twenty One Times In A Single Tweet

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump stirred up controversy on his favorite social media platform again today.

First, Trump retweeted three videos — one of which has already been debunked by Dutch authorities — posted from the account of Jayda Fransen. Ms. Fransen is a prominent member of Britain First, a far-right extremist group. When British PM Jo Cox was murdered just before the Brexit vote last year, her murderer shouted “Britain First.” The videos retweeted by Trump all had one theme — alleging violence against non-Muslims by Muslim immigrants.

Though he received criticism and rebuke from all corners of the political spectrum, and even from British television non-personality Piers Morgan, who has been a longtime defender of Trump’s, the president not only didn’t apologize for the tweets, his press secretary defended them, saying that even if the videos weren’t real, the “threat” that they show is. That’s when Trump then sent a tweet that might baffle even his most ardent supporter.

President Trump sent a single tweet that contained the phrase, “Sand N***er,” repeated 21 times. The term is a common racial slur against Muslims.

Though just a day ago Trump mocked Senator Elizabeth Warren by calling her “Pocahontas” in front of two Native American World War II veterans, while standing in front of a portrait of President Andrew Jackson — the architect of the genocide of the natives known as “The Trail of Tears” — this tweet seemed to go to a whole new level of public racism and Islamaphobia heretofore unseen in Trump. Asked about it in the Oval Office later, Trump shrugged the tweet off.

“I just figured…why even hide it anymore, know-what-I-mean,” Trump said, with no regret in his voice at all. “I mean, if my own base, and my own Press Secretary are going to just give me cover every time I say something truly horrendous, why the hell should I ever even attempt decorum or civility, you fuck headed shit wibblers?”

Reaction to Trump’s tweet was mixed.

“Today is the day Donald Trump became the President of the Confederate States of America,” CNN’s Fareed Zakaria.

House Speaker Paul Ryan called Trump’s tweet “devastatingly racist” and “the most unpresidential thing” he’s ever seen.

“But, it’s not quite Democratic enough for me to do anything about it,” Ryan said. “And I mean that in terms of the Democratic Party, of course. If Trump weren’t in my party, you can believe that 25th Amendment would be invoked already.”

Steve Bannon was too busy masturbating to Trump’s tweet to comment on it.

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