What Impact Has Biden’s Inflation Had on Covfefe Imports?

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Throughout most of 2020, as the U.S. government was sending stimulus checks and helping states fund extra pandemic relief through their unemployment systems, many economists warned that as vital as those steps were to keep Americans safe and healthy, there would be a price paid by way of inflation. In recent months, that inflation has reared its head, and it seems that many American conservatives don’t remember their own economists predicting that inflation would follow as a result of the extraordinary efforts made by the American people to survive the COVID0-19 pandemic.

Knowing the root causes of inflation is nice, but it won’t do much to alleviate the consequences of higher prices at the gas pump and in grocery stores. There are, of course, many different suggestions being made by economists to address inflation. One thing that not many are not talking about yet, though, is what inflation has done to the fragile but emerging covfefe markets.

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We reached out to the most famous economist who is willing to speak to us, and we asked her what she thinks inflation has done, and will do, to imports of covfefe into the United States. In a telephone interview, Dr. Cathy Katy, Professor of Economics at New Southwestern East Lansing University, shared her takes.

“Well, it’s really difficult to say. Prior to the previous administration, very few people even knew that covfefe existed, much less how important it is to production at America’s windmill cancer vaccine plants, and its hamberder factories,” Katy told us. “So, without having all the fundamentals in front of me, I would have to guess that inflation probably had some kind of effect on the covfefe market, but just how much is anybody’s guess.”

Former White House racism adviser, Stephen Miller, told Fox News host and white nationalist Tucker Carlson that he thinks it’s possible Biden’s inflation could have a “permanent destructive impact” on covfefe imports.

‘”Mark my words, Tuck, Biden’s inflation is so bad, it might completely destroy the covfefe market. We’re talking wipe it off the map. In fact, don’t be surprised if, in a few years, Trump is running for president again, and some smug reporter implies covfefe isn’t real,” Miller warned. “We have to be strong then, and remind that smug Enemy of the People that the only reason covfefe died in this country was because Sleepy Joe Biden took his marching orders from George Soros and destroyed the market from within.”

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