Sorry Libs, You Have to Honor The Stupid Ones on Presidents Day, Too!

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The following op-ed was written by Dustin Pewpsin, a conservative commentator. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of Mr. Pewpsin, and not necessarily this outlet.

Pardon me for caring too much, I guess, but I have to use this time and space to bring up what I think is the most important issue facing Americans today – the Left’s inexcusable effort to erase President Donald John Daughter Lusting Trump from the history books. And on President’s Day no less!

All the left-leaning social media accounts I follow either completely ignored that Donald Trump used to be president, or, even worse, they’d mention him, but only to make fun of him being stupid. They’d point out that he, like, told people they should maybe think about injecting bleach to fight COVID. Or they’d say stuff about how he looked right at a solar eclipse.

It hit me that the Left must think they’re Ron DeSantis and President Trump is CRT, or gay people. But guess what libs? You don’t have the right to ignore history, like we good, clean, ammo hoarding, Bible thumping, Jesus Freak patriots do!

It doesn’t matter if he was stupid. It doesn’t matter if he was dumb. Hell, it doesn’t even matter if he was the 46th smartest person to occupy the White House, which he almost certainly was! All that matters is that you have to honor every single president on on President’s Day.

If it’s not a law, it damn well will be once we get Donald back on his throne where he belongs! We’ll force you to be respectful of that great man one way or the other! I’m sorry, libs, but you have to honor the stupid ones on President’s Day, too!

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