Russian Prostitute Takes Credit For Giving Trump Idea For Trickle Down Tax Plan

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Today, President Donald Trump signed a massive tax cut into law.

The tax overhaul is expected to bring modest savings to middle class families in cuts that will phase out over a ten year period, while corporate tax rates will be permanently slashed. Independent analysis shows this tax plan will likely blow a hole in the budget to the tune of a trillion and a half dollars, but Republicans insist that economic growth will make that deficit irrelevant with time. Some have coined a term for this kind of economic police, Trickle Down Economics, and for the GOP it’s nothing new.

However, one woman in Russia is saying it was she who gave Mr. Trump the idea to bring Trickle Down back.

“One night back in 2010, Mr. Donald Trump, Big Bad Business Man — which is what I was required to call him under direct orders from President Putin — was in the audience for a special show Helga and I were putting on,” the Russian prostitute, whose name we are withholding for her own safety, told us. “In fact, he was only one in room with us.”

The Russian prostitute told us that during the “special” show she and her fellow prostitutes put on for Mr. Trump, it was part of the act to urinate on anything the guest wanted, but Trump wasn’t aware of that fact. The ladies begin to pee on all sorts of things. At one point, the subject of our interview says she got out a copy of The Wall Street Journal, and began to urinate on it.


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“Look, Donald, Trickle Down Economics,” the woman said. “Get it? You like?”

Trump reportedly smiled from ear to ear.

“I do like! I like a lot! Trickle Down, now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. A long time,” Trump said, scratching his fifth and sixth chins. “I think if I ever become president, I’m going to bring that back. Great idea you got there. I’ll totally give you credit for it, too, like I always do. I never take the credit for other people’s ideas. Not since I invented electricity and found the cure for polio!”

The White House could not be reached for comment.

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