Roy Moore Rejects Trump’s Endorsement Over Inappropriate Sexual Comments About His Adult Daughter

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DIXON CHICKEN, ALABAMA — In politics, usually an endorsement from a sitting president is one of the most valuable, sought after commodities one could possibly hope for. Rejecting the endorsement of a president would be quite unusual indeed, but that’s exactly what Alabama judge and senate candidate Roy Moore has done this morning.

“Today I stand before you and denounce the endorsement of President Donald J. Trump of my senate campaign,” Moore told reporters outside a campaign stop in a sleepy little Alabama town. “I do this with great sorrow in my heart, because I voted for our Dear President. But a man must stand on his own from time to time.”

Yesterday, Trump gave Moore his tacit, if not explicit, endorsement. When stopped and asked by reporters about Moore’s race against Democrat Doug Jones, Trump stopped short of fully endorsing Moore, who has been embroiled in controversy and seen his polling numbers collapse since The Washington Post published a bombshell report on a handful of women accusing him pursuing them sexually when he was in his twenties and thirties, and they were teenagers.

As reported by Trump’s most favorite news network, CNN, Trump believes Roy Moore, and not the numerous women who have come forward:

“He totally denies it,” Trump told reporters before leaving for his Thanksgiving break in Florida, putting himself at odds with almost all of the senior leaders of his party by siding with Moore.

“He says it didn’t happen. You have to listen to him also,” Trump said.(CNN)

“Initially I was very proud indeed to get the president’s endorsement. It was quite a feather in my cap,” Moore told reporters. “However, upon returning to my home last night, my wife told me something truly disturbing about Mr. Trump’s past sexual deviancy.”

Reporters asked if Moore was referring to the more than a dozen women who have accused Trump, on the record, of sexual abuse in form or another. Another recent article in The Washington Post listed very accuser, who corroborates their story, what the allegation is, and what the response from people in Trump’s orbit has been to the accusation. Moore said he was not referring to those accusations.

“No, I do not mean those accusations,” Moore said. “That’s between him, God, and the women who are accusing him. No, I’m referring to the fact that he has gone on record as saying he’d have sexual relations with his daughter.”

Moore said that when he initially was told about what Trump said in various interviews over the years, intimating that he’d like a chance to sleep with his daughter Ivanka, he wasn’t “too worried about it.”

“I asked my wife, well, maybe his daughter’s an attractive girl,” Moore told reporters. “And my wife says to me, she’s an attractive woman, Roy. And I’m all, like, ‘Wait. This son of a bitch said he wants to bang his ADULT daughter? I damn near vomited all over her when she told me it was true.”

Judge Moore was “revolted and disgusted beyond all comprehension” as he thought about the president making such comments about his daughter, who was always of legal, consenting, adult age when the comments were made.

“Once she gets to 15 or 16, it just becomes absolutely horrifying to think about your daughter that way,” Moore said.

The White House did not respond to requests for comment.

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