We Have Our First Black Female Supreme Court Justice, But When Will It Be a White Man’s Turn?

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The following editorial was submitted to this outlet by Dick Richardson, a conservative podcaster. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of Mr. Richardson, and do not necessarily reflect those of this outlet, its ownership, or staff. 

While the American Left celebrates the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, I can’t help but count myself among the millions of pigment deficient Americans who are raising our voices in protest and concern. Sure, Justice Jackson on paper was one of the most qualified candidates of the last twenty years, and she will be the first black female to hold that honorific, but I have to ask…

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…at what cost?

From the outset, President Joe Biden promised that his first Supreme Court nominee would be a black woman. This meant, necessarily, he was setting aside any Mayonaise-tinted, male candidates. In effect, Joe discriminated against middle aged white men; something that would have made the majority of our Founding Fathers’ eyes bug completely out of their heads.

With Jackson’s addition to the court, that will only leave four white men on the bench. How can it be fair to have only four, when throughout most of our history, there have been at least twice that many? Does Biden not realize he’s taking something away from white people, and does he not realize how un-American that very notion is?

Look, I’m not a racist. I just think protecting institutions that keep mediocre white people in power are good for society, because I’m maybe a little terrified of becoming the minority in America after how I’ve treated minorities in America. So, not being racist, I can see how, on paper it’s good that we have our first black justice, and I even appreciate how Justice Thomas’ presence pretty much gives us another old white man’s voice on the court.

However, I’m absolutely devastated thinking about how white men are going to have to cope with representing 31% of the American population, but ONLY holding 44% of the Supreme Court Seats.

For decades we knew how important it was for representation to be completely out of balance in the Supreme Court. Older white men are just naturally inclined to be better at leading society. Now, however, everyone’s wanting the court to look more like America looks, as if that’s more important than my farmland loving, gravy swilling feelings!

Wake up, America! Things are changing, and if we don’t stop, there might night be another white man on the bench until Mitch McConnell figures out how to steal one from the Democrats again!

I beg you all — think of the people who need the most help and support now, more than ever: White, middle-aged, American men.

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