Matt Gaetz is Boycotting Disney and Will Take His Prom Date to SeaWorld Instead

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This week, Florida’s governor signed a controversial law onto the books that bars discussions of sexual orientation or identity in classrooms from kindergarten to third grade. The so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law also makes it illegal to have “age inappropriate” discussions at any grade level, though that clause is vague.

In response to DeSantis signing the law, The Walt Disney Company, whose enormous south Florida resort props up a considerable amount of Florida’s tourism economy, pledged to help repeal the law. Disney had been under internal pressure from employees and executives, according to published reports, to publicly condemn “Don’t Say Gay.”

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Perhaps predictably, supporters of the bill have blasted Disney for wading into the issue. Conservatives have called for a boycott of Disney and Disney parks until they cease efforts to overturn “Don’t Say Gay.” This morning, Rep. Matt Gaetz (Q-FL) joined the Disney boycott.

In a written statement, Congressman Gaetz vows to “never set another foot” inside a Disney park, and says he’s already changed his plans to visit Disney World, while on a date, later this spring.

Rep. Gaetz’ statement reads as follows:

Congressman Matt Gaetz, having grown up in Florida, used to love visits to the Magic Kingdom. He’s saddened to learn that the magic in the castle is just a lot of Woke Voodoo.

The congressman stands with his pal Gov. Ron DeSantis in support of the Don’t Say Gay law, because he believes, as does the governor, that if you’re going to groom and indoctrinate a child in the Gunshine State, you need to do it where good, clean, ammo hoarding, cousin lusting, God fearing American patriots do it: Sunday School, religious private schools, or one of Matt’s private coke orgies.

The congressman’s commitment to his rock, solid conservative morals is only matched by his commitment to his bar tab. As such, his commitment drives him to make a decision he really wishes he didn’t have to make. This spring, when he takes her to the prom, Matt has decided he and his date will visit a restaurant at SeaWorld, instead.

There is time, of course, for Disney to reverse their decision. Congressman Gaetz would certainly rather be riding Mr. Toad with his date than watching dolphins jump, but the decision is not his to make. Disney must choose whether they want to kowtow to a minority of shrill, performative faux-victim martyrs, or if they will continue to oppose this new law.

The ball is in your court, Mickey.

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