Greene Accuses FBI Agents of Dressing Like Antifa Disguised as MAGA on January 6th

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Former one term, twice-permanently impeached President Donald Trump still has his ardent supporters in Congress. This, despite the fact that Trump helped assemble a violent, angry mob and unleashed them on the capitol, sending them storming after even his own vice president. Even though he put several of them in harm’s way, endangering their very lives, dozens of Congressional Republicans still take every opportunity they can to shield Trump from the responsibility he bears for the events of that day.

Several Republicans have floated all kinds of theories as to who was actually behind the attacks, choosing to ignore how the mob was dressed, what they were saying, and what they were there to stop from happening. Instead, the Trump loyalists have insisted that most of the people who breached the capitol were no more dangerous than an average tourist, and some have even suggested that the truly violent trespassers were left-wing agitators in MAGA disguises.

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This morning, a new wrinkle was introduced by none other than the chair of the House Horse Faced Cave Troll caucus, Rep. Mango Taylor Greene (Q-GA). In an interview for One America News, Greene parroted one of the freshest pro-Trump talking points — that the FBI was somehow involved in the failed insurrection — and claimed to have seen evidence that agents went to some interesting lengths to conceal their identities.

“I hate to say it, but Tucker Carlson wasn’t completely right about the FBI thing. He was about a third right, actually,” Greene said. “I have it on good authority from my friend, who happens to sell crack cocaine to both myself and the MyPillow guy, that it was FBI agents, but it was FBI agents in triple disguise!”

According to Greene, her crack dealer told her that he knows “for certain” that the morning of January 6th, FBI agents dressed as Antifa members and then dressed in MAGA and QAnon merch. Then they infiltrated the rally at which Trump spoke. Finally, they carried out their false flag operation and stormed the capitol.

“It’s so obvious to me, now that he pointed it out to me! I always felt like I knew something else was going on that day,” Greene continued, “and my feelings are the same as facts, as it is throughout MAGA-Land. So when he said things that confirmed my feelings, well, it all clicked. The FBI got into Antifa gear, and then into MAGA merch. Case closed.”

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