I’m Pregnant in Florida. Why Won’t Ron DeSantis Let Me Vote Twice If He’s Pro-Life?

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The following editorial was written by Susan Beax-Boosin, a nurse and resident of Lake Bueno Orificio, Florida. Ms. Beaux-Boosin is currently pregnant, and attempting to get permission from the Gov. Ron DeSantis administration to vote twice in the next special Florida election, during which she’ll still be pregnant. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of Ms. Beax-Boosin, and not necessarily those of this outlet or its staff.

My state is currently working on getting a six-week abortion banned passed onto Governor Ron DeSantis’ desk. The religious conservatives here are obviously very excited to protect the lives of the unborn, as they say, with this new law. Me? I’m never too thrilled when a government agency decides it needs to worm its way into my pants to dictate to me when I procreate, but I suppose that’s what I get for living in a right-wing fascist theocracy and not moving.

Still, as much as DeSantis seems eager to sign this new abortion ban into law because claims he’s “pro-life” and very interested in the well-being of all unborn children, no matter what stage of development they’re in, something seems off to me. Maybe it’s all the times I heard in grade school about how our founding slavers were very into the idea that there should be no taxation without representation, but it occurred to me that fetuses have absolutely no voting rights. So, ergo, they have no representation.

That’s why it seemed like truly a no-brainer for me to petition the state, and ask Govenfuhrer DeSantis personally, if I can either vote twice in this fall’s special election season, or at the very least register my fetus to vote. I was led to believe that all lives matter, and that all life is sacred, and if life matters and is sacred, then don’t those blastocysts and zygotes in Florida deserve their full compliment of constitutional rights?

Well, according to DeSantis and his administration, no.

They don’t deserve all their constitutional rights, I was told. Apparently, just like the cop who gave me a carpool lane violation the other day because he said my fetus didn’t qualify as another passenger, DeSantis doesn’t think my fetus is developed enough to vote. I guess in some ways, it’s nice to know both my unborn child and I have fewer constitutional freedoms than my husband?

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