DeSantis Bars Florida’s Kids From Watching Monty Python, Kids in the Hall

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not done fighting the forces of woke and protecting his state’s children from inappropriate things, like men in drag.

This morning, DeSantis signed an order that makes it a Class 3 felony for anyone under the age of the consent for dating Matt Gaetz to be within 500 yards of any exhibition of the sketch comedy stylings of either Monty Python or The Kids in the Hall. Both troupes were known for utilizing drag to play female characters, though both full-time casts were made up entirely of men. Drag shows have become a consistent focus of outrage on the right recently, and DeSantis decided that even decades-old sketch comedy should undergo governmental scrutiny.

“To me this is no different than banning a book you don’t want your kids reading. In other words, it’s totally fine because I’m a Republican and we’re allowed to do anything we want and then pretend we’re repressed and oppressed victims,” DeSantis said before he took the crayon out with which he was to sign the order. “Sometimes you have to go to extremes to combat those who would seek to force our kids to understand there are people who live in this world who do not look or act like they look or act.”

DeSantis also cited the fact that both sketch troupes are not based in the United States as reasoning for making it illegal for kids to watch them.

“I mean, they aren’t even from ‘Murika! Monty Python is British, and the Kids in the Hal are Maple Mexicans! I’m sorry, but I will not let foreigners come into Florida and corrupt our kids with their sketches featuring adult men portraying female characters for the purposes of entertainment,” DeSantis explained as he signed the order.

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