Klansman Supports Florida Republicans Banning Democratic Party From the State

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“I am not quite sure why that nice, young man who looks like a thumb was willing to kick out the party that I’d never vote for anyway, but I sure am glad he decided to do it.” – Clem O’Connell, Florida Klansman

Florida State Senator Blaise Ingoglia made waves this week when he filed a bill for consideration that would effectively disband and permanently ban the Democratic Party from the Sunshine State. As proposed, Ingoglia’s bill would immediately revoke any party’s eligibility to participate in the state’s elections if it ever held a pro-slavery position in its platform. State Sen. Ingoglia was clearly referring to Democrats from the 19th and 20th century that were pro-slavery and Jim Crow, and his proposal was seen not much more than political trolling.

However, if it were to be signed into law, and Gov. Ron DeSantis (Q) effectively ended the Democratic Party in Florida, we spoke to one klansman who said he wouldn’t mind it at all, and he actually supports Ingoglia’s efforts.

“Now, it is true that my grandpappy Grand Wizard Seamus O’Connell helped start the KKK, and he was a card carrying Democrat his whole life, though admittedly he did start voting for Republicans once Nixon made it clear he was sympathetic to the Southern Cause,” Klansman Clem O’Connell told us in a Skype interview. “I am not quite sure why that nice, young man who looks like a thumb was willing to kick out the party that I’d never vote for anyway, but I sure am glad he decided to do it.”

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. 2/2/21-Rep. Blaise Ingoglia, R-Spring Hill, left, talks during a news conference on the suppression of speech by tech companies with Gov. Ron DeSantis, Tuesday at the Capitol in Tallahassee.

While Clem says he certainly understands why Ingoglia and other Republicans continually bring up that people like his grandfather were Democrats, but that he doesn’t really care what happens to modern day Democrats.

“I totally understand the impulse, but I choose to live my life in the current century. I mean, can you imagine me, a klansman, voting for someone in a political party that wants to bring MORE minorities into the country,” O’Connell asked rhetorically. “I mean, really, just look the two parties’ platforms and then ask yourself which one a guy like me would support more. Maybe my grandpappy was a Democrat, but I’ve been a Republican for life, and guys like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are a big reason why.”


Ever wonder why they won’t call an actual klansman a #Democrat before? #satire #politics #politik #blaiseingoglia #Florida #political

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