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Should We Do Civil War II Because a Horse Faced Lady Doesn’t Like How the First One Went?

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I will be the first to admit that I don’t know everything. In fact, I’m quite fond of telling people, “I don’t know shit.” The older I get, the longer I live, the more I stay not-dead, the longer the list of things I don’t understand grows.

All that being said, I do consider myself at least an amateur student of history. I’ve always loved reading about the past and learning more about the people who came before me, and the things they did. That’s why when a certain horse faced cave troll congresswoman from Georgia suggested this week that we do a “national divorce” and separate so-called red states from the blue ones, I got a little nervous.

You see, in the run-up to the first Civil War this country fought, some people said a lot of things that sounded a lot like the arguments that Marjorie Taylor Greene made in favor of her national divorce. And, I’m pretty sure that an attempt at national divorce would just devolve into a second civil war.

Being the not-quite professional historian, this alarmed me because so many people died that time around. A significant portion of the young men in this country died in that war, and now it seems like Greene would gleefully take us into a second one. All because she clearly does not like how things have gone since her side lost the first one.

But, again, given that I do not know everything, and don’t pretend to, I thought I should open this topic up for discussion. Surely someone out there should be able to tell me whether or not it’s smart to fight a second, extremely bloody civil war, because Marjorie Taylor Greene and her fellow religious extremists are tired of not getting away with being mean to queer people, right?

To make it easier, we can even skip wprrying about the logistics of her divorce proposal.

Things like who gets to keep the military, or do red states not become third world countries once they no longer have blue state tax revenues to depend on to make their budgets remotely balanced. Let’s just skip right over the fact that Greene’s own state of Georgia would not leave the union to join her neo-confederacy. And let’s just gloss over, for now, the ins and outs of interstate commerce.

Let’s just focus on the simple, basic question of the day: Should we do Civil War II because a horse faced lady is sad about how the first one turned out?

Drop me a line and let me know.

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