Matt Gaetz Wanted to Catch COVID-17 Instead

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Toward the end of 2020, Qongressman Matt Gaetz divulged that he had previously tested positive for COVID-19.

Gaetz was one of a handful of prominent Republican elected officials who ended up getting COVID after downplaying it. Many might recall the image of Gaetz in a gas mask on the House floor, mocking early adopters of the masking practice so many Americans grew accustomed to over the proceeding weeks and months. In a new interview with Epstein Magazine, Gaetz divulges that his symptoms were manageable, but he found himself “wishing” that he’d gotten “COVID-17 instead.”

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“I don’t know; COVID wasn’t really all that bad,” Gaetz told the interviewer. “I mean, one thing I like about infectious diseases — I keep getting older, but they retain the year appended to their name, know what I mean? So if anything, I just found myself really wishing I’d gotten a case of COVID-17 instead. That would have been alright, alright, alright.”

While he had COVID-19, Gaetz says he remained quarantined as per the CDC guidelines.

“But if I had gotten COVID-17? I’d have taken that hot little thing across state lines for sure,” Gaetz joked. “Probably to a MAGA rally or something.”

Gaetz said that his “good friend Roy Moore” told him that he had also been diagnosed with COVID.

“But that lucky son of a bitch got COVID-14! I wish I had known you could get younger strains of the virus,” Gaetz said, misunderstanding that -14 would indicate Moore’s strain originated in 2014, making it older than COVID-19. “Oh well, maybe there’s next year.”

Gaetz has reportedly been considering an early exit from Congress to take a gig on Newsmax TV, and definitely not because of any criminal investigations or anything like that.

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