I’m So Grateful Elon Rescued Twitter from Overly Political Owners So He Can Help Trump Win!

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The following editorial was written and submitted by Dustin Pewpsin, a Republican strategist working for the Donald Trump 2024 campaign. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of Mr. Pewpsin, and not necessarily those of this outlet, its management, or ownership.

No matter how you slice it, Elon swooped in and saved Twitter from overly political ownership, and is now regularly trying to influence political issues and helping Donald Trump win

For many years, we good, clean, ammo hoarding, Christ-loving, cross-burning, cousin fingering patriots knew it — Twitter’s former owners were too political. This is, of course, the first and foremost reason why the Patron Saint of Free Speech — Elon Musk — bought Twitter and re-branded it “X,” because he wanted everyone to see that Twitter was finally free of the heavy-handed ownership was weighing-in on political issues, and making politically motivated decisions. Under Elon’s ownership, things could be and would be different.

Months later, it’s easy to see that Musk is a man of words. Not his own words, of course, because boy howdy is Elon political as fuck, but he’s definitely a man of somebody’s words. Thankfully for the pro-MAGA, anti-science and education crowd like me, he’s a man of Donald Trump’s words.

Just check out these recent tweets he’s posted on his Nazi chat site social media app, and then try and argue that he didn’t save Twitter from overtly political ownership so he could help Donald Trump and Republicans politically. I dare you.

I like this one because it shows that even though Elon is himself an immigrant, and he probably wouldn’t have been let into the country without the help of his rich parents, he now knows how important it is to keep OTHER immigrants out. If this newfound hypocrisy doesn’t cement his place as a solid, rock-ribbed MAGA Republican, I don’t know what does!

As you can see from these tweets, Elon is committed to far right nativism, even though, again, he’s an immigrant himself.

Here he is using loaded terms like “treason” to describe a Biden official’s role in implementing a border policy after Biden was duly elected in 2020 to do exactly that. Sure, technically, undocumented people cannot vote in federal elections, but this tweet also proves Elon knows the value of a straight-up racist lie, another Limbaugh-esque hallmark of modern conservafasicsm.

Then he brilliantly gaslights everyone by pretending he’s not been posting non-stop politically charged content, while simultaneously accusing his competitors of being heavily politically biased. This kind of blatant hypocrisy and nearly comical self-unawareness is usually reserved for Fox News pundits and Mitch McConnell’s baleful moaning any time Democrats wield power like he does.

More brilliance from my man Elon.

The best part? All of these tweets really just scratch the surface on Elon’s hard, public, incessant far-right political agitating.

We haven’t even talked about his transphobic tweets, or how he keeps attacking the “woke mind virus,” which is just anything we conservative Christian extremists don’t like. Elon regularly interacts with and shares content from that LibsofTikTok lady — who is one fine insurrectionist if I’ve ever seen one, by the way. I hope the FBI never brings her in for questioning about her whereabouts on January 6th, because she’s such a force for traditional values and religious-based terrorism.

No matter how you slice it, Elon swooped in and saved Twitter from overly political ownership, and is now regularly trying to influence political issues and helping Donald Trump win. For that, I hope Trump at least considers giving him a cabinet position, once he loses the popular vote but gets bailed out by the Electoral Participation Trophy College again, so that Elon keep proving how different he is from the previously too-political Twitter ownership.

Thanks, Elon!

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