Nazi Grateful for Twitter Cleaning Up Its Platform and Suspending ‘Disgusting, Anti-Antisemite Accounts’

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FUCH’S FACE MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA — Bob Foy is a 32 year old Nazi living in Georgia. This fact might anger and surprise many of the men who left his home state in the middle of World War II to fight Nazis for the sake of keeping freedom and liberty alive in all the world, but Foy says that living in a “red state that’s already pretty cozy with racism given all the Confederate monuments” has allowed him to be a Nazi without having his private Nazi ceremonies and beliefs interrupted by “globalist, Jew loving cucks and libtards.” Foy’s Nazi beliefs don’t even stop him gaining popularity in the alt-right and right-wing libertarian circles, and he even helps run a popular Facebook page for those groups and is a frequent podcast guest on conservative talk shows.

“It’s really great because American conservatives are so partisan that as long as I call myself a Republican and espouse the party line economically, they’ll defend my Nazi views in a tacit way and couch it under the false guise of freedom of speech,” Foy told us in an interview this week.

During last year’s election, Foy could regularly be seen on Twitter under his handle, @AdolfWasMisunderstood, trolling various left-leaning Twitter users from the very famous and powerful to just random people with vaguely Jewish looking last names. Foy was never suspended for his activities on Twitter, though some more prominent white supremacists were. As dismayed as Foy is about his fellow Nazis sometimes being suspended from the 140 character stream of consciousness social media platform, he is “extremely giddy” at how many non-racist and anti-antisemitic celebrities and regular Twitter users have been getting kicked off the site, often for violations that don’t come close to what he’s done to people on Twitter.

“I’ve seen libtard Jew lovers get banned from Twitter for calling me a cunt,” Foy said, “and nothing makes me want to photoshop their heads in ovens in triumph like a libtarded cuck getting banned from their precious social media site, let me tell you.”

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Mr. Foy says that he’s “extremely pleased” with how many people have been suspended or banned from Twitter for swearing at public officials. He says that Twitter had become “too cluttered with people who don’t want to murder Jews and other non-whites or whites who don’t want to murder Jews and other non-whites” for his tastes.

“It was starting to feel like a Nazi had no safe space in this country,” Foy told us, “because they could just cuss and cuss at us with no impunity. Can you imagine that? They thought just because we want to systematically murder millions of people they can swear at us? I’m so glad Twitter thinks cussing at Nazis is worse than being Nazis, that’s for sure.”

Foy says he’s particularly glad that people like Richard Spencer, perhaps the loudest voice of the neo-Nazi and white nationalist movements, is still on Twitter and verified while many, like middling satirists who sometimes syndicate their work on The Huffington Post and who were doxxed and threatened by Nazis last year have been thrown off.

“When you’re a Nazi, it can start to feel like everyone’s against you, and that’s just sad, you know? So seeing Twitter give aid and comfort to Nazis like me while they shit on non-Nazis and take away their voice on the Twitter platform is just icing on the cake — excuse me! — kike.”


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