Trump Slams Biden for Not ‘Being Strong Enough’ to Encourage Supporters to Hang Harris

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While writing his new book, ABC reporter Johnathan Karl got some interesting opinions from former, one-term, twice permanently impeached President Donald J. Trump, according to audio of Karl’s interviews with Trump.

This weekend, one story from Karl’s book got quite a bit of attention in the press.


While discussing the events of January 6th’s failed coup attempt, Trump was asked by Karl about the pro-MAGA mob chanting “Hang Mike Pence,” who was Trump’s Vice President for the entirety of his single term in office, as they stormed the capitol. Trump defended the insurrectionists, once more bringing up his lies about a rigged election and calling it “common sense” that people would want to hang Pence for not helping Trump subvert democracy.

This morning, Trump showed no remorse for what he told Karl in that interview when he appeared on failed congressional candidate and disgraced former Secret Service member Dan Bongino’s podcast. In fact, Trump doubled down, slamming President Biden for not being courageous enough to encourage his own supporters to bully, harass, and ultimately murder Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Danny, lemme tell you, and you make sure to pass this along to that lovely antisemitic piece of shit closeted Brony you call a fact checker, Matt Palumbo I think his name is, you make sure you tell him this okay, Danny Boy?” Trump told Bongino.

“Biden is weak. Okay? You heard it from me first. He’s weak. Weak on everything. He’s so weak, Dan, he can’t even incite his followers to hang Kamala Harris! And the mainstream media wants us to believe that 81 million Americans voted for the guy who’s not being strong enough to ask for his VP to be killed? Gimme a fuckin’ break, Danny.”

Trump insisted to Bongino that “only brave and strong leaders” know when it’s time to call for their running mate to be executed.

“It’s a subtle thing, but you gotta know what to look for, Danny. You gotta know when a relationship has run its course. I knew it was time to get Mikey out of there when he started making a weird face when my dick when his mouth, but I didn’t make a move on him, like a bitch of course, until he flat-out denied by demands to coup it up.”

Mr. Trump then gave Bongino an idea of what he’d be doing the rest of the day.

“The same thing I did every single day I was in the White House, Danny. I’m gonna watch TV all day, spank it thinking of Ivanka in a minidress, and then snort about six pounds of Adderall and go harass people at the buffet about bamboo ballots and Ukraine. Gonna be a bigly great one.”


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