Man Wants to Make Some Friends Because He’s Sure They’ll Love His “Two Genders” Memes

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As soon as he makes a few friends, 43-year-old writer Will Palumbo knows they’ll all love his memes. In particular, Will is completely confident his new friends — as soon as he makes them and connects with the on Parler — will, in his words, “go absolutely ape shit” for his memes mocking transgender people.

“I don’t know why, but I can’t get enough of the two genders memes and jokes! Sure, it’s the same joke over and over and over again,” Will told us via Skype, “but that’s the beauty of it! I hate it when I have to think too much, and new jokes would almost definitely make me think a lot. So, I love sticking with the one, singular joke I know.”

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Palumbo told us there isn’t much in life he enjoys more than “triggering” liberals and “owning” them with posts on social media that mock women, minorities, poor people, and members of the LGTBQ community.

“And boy does it ever trigger the libs so I can own them when I do. Since I don’t have literally anything else to live for, or anyone else in my life that will put up with me,” Will told us, “I guess that’s really all I have. But that doesn’t make me the totally pathetic loser you think I am. Still believing that Q is right and Don Trump is gonna be president by the end of the year…that does.”

Will is hoping to make some new friends in the coming weeks. He’s joined a few Facebook groups in recent days that he thinks will have members that enjoy jokes and memes that dehumanize vulnerable communities.

“If it had ‘MAGA’ or ‘America First’ or was about cousin-doinking, I joined it,” Will told us. “There has to be people in those groups that’ll find my memes funny. If I can just get them to accept my toxic personality, I’m in!”

You can read Will’s “satire” on The Babylon Bee.

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