Tomi Lahren Suggests Black People Fill Out Employment Histories Before Exercising First Amendment Rights

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Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren has dedicated two segments this week to San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Lahren has spent time in her “Final Thoughts” segment on her show for Glenn Beck’s Blaze media network railing against Kapernick’s decision to protest police violence against African-American suspects by sitting down during the playing of the National Anthem before this season’s games. She has argued that since Kaepernick was raised by white parents, has been hired by white people, and has white fans, he shouldn’t be protesting this issue.

In a radio interview with a conservative host in Kansas this morning, Lahren tripled-down on her Kaepernick blitz. Lahren also proposed something she hasn’t discussed before. The talk show host told Mitch Wilkerson on his “Fired Up To Bitch With Mitch” morning show that she thinks African-Americans should be asked to fill out full employment histories before they exercise their right to freedom of expression.

“Even though Kaepernick has never blamed white people for what he’s protesting,” Lahren told Wilkserson, “his comments prove we need to be very cautious about just letting anyone willy-nilly protest things.” Lahren said that she doesn’t think it should be illegal for black people to protest racially charged issues if they’ve been employed by a white person, but she said “the public has a right to know who is biting the beautiful white hand that fed them.”

Lahren also questioned if Americans truly understand what the First Amendment and freedom of expression mean.

“Is that really what this country’s First Amendment is about,” Lahren asked, “allowing people to peacefully protest whatever it is they want to protest? No, seriously, I need you to tell me what the First Amendment is about. I just get paid to spew talking points, I’m not really sure about most of the subjects I bloviate on.”

Asked how the employment history submission process would work, Lahren said “by empowering the states, duh.”

“It’s just like voter ID,” Lahren said, “we let the states decide just how much freedom people of color have. Then we let them expand this process to women, the LGBTQ community, anyone we feel probably shouldn’t get the full battery of constitutional rights until we’re certain they’ll use them the way we want them to.”

Defending her commentary on Kapernick, Lahren said all the uproar over her implying that police brutality against black people isn’t the fault of racist cops, but instead it should be blamed on black fathers walking out on their families was “just liberal hysteria.”

“All I’ve been trying to say is that I respect Kaepernick’s right to freedom of expression,” Lahren said, “provided he’s willing to agree to only express himself the way we conservatives feel is mot correct and completely American. And if we can get black people to just let us know if they’ve ever gotten a paycheck from a white person before they speak about racial issues, we’ll know how seriously we have to listen to them. Which, let’s face it as Republicans we’ll just make up another excuse to ignore them regardless, so, you know, YOLO! Know what I mean, hahaha, I’m smart and funny and blonde and cute and people love me!”

Lahren paused a brief moment.

“…racist people love me,” she corrected herself.

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