Ted Cruz: “If I Wasn’t a Smarmy, Partisan Cunt Maybe I’d Care About Trump Being a Lawless Asshole Tyrant”

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a wild and unforeseen development, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Trump’s Urethra) called himself a profanity in reference to his seeming indifference to President Trump’s rampant and wanton disregard for accepted norms and laws. Cruz’s comments came during a break in the impeachment trial of President Donald John Trump in the Senate. Cruz was asked why he doesn’t care that Trump is “acting like a lawless tyrant” and his legal team have been arguing that he should be allowed to do what he wants with impunity. Cruz took a deep breath and looked right into the cameras as we spoke with the tone of a televangelist.

“First of all, I dispute the validity of that question because it hurts my feelings and exposes my circular, logic-free thinking,” Cruz began, “but more importantly, let me just say this — of course the president is acting like a lawless asshole tyrant. He’s behaving and has behaved in ways that we only wish Obama had because then we could’ve sent his…URBAN…butt packing. But let me just acknowledge this — you’re right. Your question is right on. I don’t care that he’s behaving that way.”

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Picking his nose and eating it, Cruz continued.

“I don’t care because of one singular, simple reason — Donald Trump says he’s a Republican,” Cruz explained, “and I claim to be one, too. It’s just that simple. I am, in the parlance of our times, a partisan cunt. But you know what I’m struck by as well, though? I’m not given enough credit for being smarmy. But I defy you, and those of you watching at home to name a more obsequious, servile partisan hack than I am. And I dare you to find someone in Congress more willing to smarm it up like I do. I will look you dead in the eye, fart, and then tell you you’re not smelling a thing as I then shit in your hand and tell you it’s ice cream. If that’s not smarmy, I don’t know what is.”

Cruz paused for a moment and gave himself a round of applause. Wanting to extend his self-congratulatory moment, Cruz then high-fived himself. For a brief moment, it appeared that the Texas Republican would attempt to fellate himself, but stopped when he realized his pants were still on.

“If I wasn’t a smarmy, partisan cunt maybe I’d care about Trump being a lawless asshole tyrant,” Sen. Cruz admitted, “but I am one, and therefore, I don’t. I just don’t care. As long as he’s a Republican, and I’m a Republican, then I will continue to do what modern day Republicans since the days of St. Ronald Ignatius Reagan have done — I will put my party before my country. Thank you, and please, write about how smart and trenchant my words have been.”

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