Sen. Lindsey Graham: “I was born within 5 minutes of conception!”

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Fans of biological science may have been gob smacked at Senator Lindsey Graham insisting he had friends — twins — that were born twenty weeks into a pregnancy on the floor of the Senate chamber last week. So they’re going to be really shocked at his most revelation in support of the 20-week abortion ban.

Last week, while trying to force a vote on his “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” — a law that would presuppose fetuses at 20 weeks of development can feel pain and bans abortions after that point because of that presupposition — Graham claimed to have friends he knows personally who were born at that exact stage in their mother’s pregnancy, and that they both survived. This is shocking news to doctors everywhere because all the available, peer-reviewed science pegs medical viability — the point at which a fetus could truly survive has a chance of finishing its development outside the mother’s womb — at 22 weeks. So at first it seems that Graham’s claims might not pass the sniff test.

The scientific community might have been poised and ready to smack Sen. Graham down, but ol’ Lindsey had another curveball waiting for them. Last night, Graham tweeted and posted the following:

Well, I’ll be! These so-called “scientists” think they know more than an attorney and politician does about biology and medicine and the such, but I am here to tell y’all that I am living proof of the miracle of human life! I was born not more than five minutes after my Daddy implanted his man seed into my mother’s Stork Place. And here I am today, alive to tell the tale!

Understandably so, the media has been quite skeptical of Graham’s most recent claims. After all, as Harry Reid pointed out Graham is in the middle of a tough primary challenge on his right from a Tea Party candidate and his own party in his own state just censured him for not being conservative enough. He is clearly feeling desperate to make himself appear to be the one who carries the torch for true blue conservatives in South Carolina, so he’s in the perfect position to invoke all kinds of scientifically-illiterate nonsense if it makes him look like he’s the love child of Richard Nixon and Pat Robertson. But upon further review, there may be evidence to support Graham’s claim that he was indeed born just five minutes after conception.

The principle exhibit of proof that Graham may have been born severely underdeveloped? The thoughts he has and the words that come out of his mouth to define and support those thoughts. He also does sort of look a little like a developing fetus too, right?

Sen. Lindsey Graham really does look like a developing fetus.
Sen. Lindsey Graham really does look like a developing fetus.

What other reason would an adult of nearly 58 years of age like Graham have for claiming something that is so easily fact-checked in the modern age as knowing friends who were born at 20 weeks as twins that survived, than his brain is clearly underdeveloped? If his brain was fully developed, shouldn’t he have had the foresight to see how easily his story would be debunked? These are all questions that the press is dying to ask Senator Graham, but so far his office has not been expanding further on Graham’s bombshell revelation.

One thing is for certain, the desperation in Graham’s tone and rhetoric will likely only amplify as he fights for his political life. There could be many more shocking and downright unbelievable claims he makes in attempting to declare his conservative bona fides. We here at The Chute will be monitoring this story very closely, and will keep you abreast on all the developments.


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