She Wants to “Save The Children,” Just Not the Ones in Trump’s Concentration Camps

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BLANCA SUPREMA, NEVADA — 37-year-old mother of three Gwendolyn Howser in some regards sees herself as “everyone’s mama.”

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Howser told us during a recent interview, conducted via Skype, that she has been quite heavily promoting and sharing the hashtag #SaveTheChildren, because of her love of children. Gwendolyn, Gwen to her friends, volunteers at her kids’ schools and works with the scout troops quite closely. If there is a subject related to children, Howser says she feels “an obligation and moral responsibility” to do everything she can to help the kids come out on top.

“I just think it was really necessary for me to share that meme about that little white boy who got killed by that black guy,” Howser explained, “even though the boy’s killer was arrested the very next day and the justice system worked perfectly for him. Sure, it takes attention away from the Black Lives Matter movement, and the cops who killed Breona Taylor are still free, but she’s not a kid, so I can’t get involved there.”

Howser has also been sharing memes about a pedophile ring operated by some of Hollywood’s elite and other extremely rich people, who all happen to be outspoken progressives. She says it “really hurt” her to share the memes about actor Tom Hanks, but that “when it comes to kids there are no exceptions” in her mind.

“Even if there isn’t any evidence to back up the claims made in the memes,” Gwen said, “just getting the message out there is important. But, sure, I also believe that they’re all in cahoots and just hiding evidence anyway, so I’m gonna keep sharing those memes until all the kids are safe! I’d do it with any memes for any kids.”

Even the children detained in border camps, put there when the Trump administration separated them from their parents, we asked her?

“Oh. God. Fuck no! Why would I care about non-citizen babies,” Gwen asked incredulously. “I’m sorry, but laws are laws, and as a law and order conservative, those babies should have thought twice about letting their parents take them here illegally. Period.”

Even if there weren’t laws that were violated that resulted in the family separations at the border, Gwen isn’t so sure that she’d be able to care about them.

“It’s weird. When that little boy, Tamir Rice, was shot because he had a toy gun by two cops,” Gwen told us, “I just didn’t care all that much. Ditto Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown. But that little white boy who was killed by a black guy and then his killer was arrested and in jail literally less than a day later? That one really riled me up. Wish I could tell you why, but I can’t really.”

Despite not caring about the kids in Trump’s concentration camps, Howser says she still considers herself a “champion of all kids.”

“Maybe it’s that I’m a champion of all kids who look like me, but so what,” Howser asked. “Don’t go calling me racist, because it’s actually racist to tell a white person they’re being racist, whether accidentally or not. You’re not allowed to criticize white people because of our feelings, so whatever the reason I don’t care about those brown babies, that doesn’t mean I’m not also the champion of all kids of a certain pigmentation level, does it?”

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