Rand Paul Tells Chris Wallace It’s Unconstitutional to Do Things That Are in the Constitution

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In an interview that aired on Fox News this weekend, Sen. Rand Paul (Q-KY) told host Chris Wallace that the upcoming impeachment trial of Joe Biden’s racist, reality-TV game show host predecessor is “unconstitutional from the neck down.”

“Riot-shmiot, insurrection-shminsurrection Chris! This is just another naked power grab by the Democrats, and it’s going to backfire the next time our cult is in power,” Sen. Paul explained to Wallace. “The fact of the matter is that this second impeachment trial is unconstitutional from the neck down.”

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When Wallace pushed Paul to explain his thinking, the Kentucky Republican explained that “The Constitution isn’t some weapon to be used against our political adversaries.” He further explained in simple terms that “it’s unconstitutional do things that are in the Constitution.” While that rule always applies in Sen. Paul’s mind, it applies even more stringently when a Democrat is in the Oval Office.

“The bottom line here is that Democrats aren’t allowed to use the Constitution for anything. It’s an unwritten rule that I think is very vital to our great nation,” Paul insisted. “It’s just completely unconstitutional to do things that are in the Constitution.”

Though Paul accused Democrats of trying to bring the former president down to score political points, and that it would only serve to further polarize the country, there have been some major overtures made toward the GOP by the new administration. Last week, we reported that President Joe Biden got in touch with Sen. Ted Cruz (Q-TX) and offered to call his wife Heidi ugly, in the name of coming together.

“I gave Teddy a call last night. I said to him,” President Biden related to reporters in the Oval Office before signing an executive order rolling back the White House subscription to Ivanka Trump’s OnlyFans account, “listen here, Buster Brown, I want to unify this country. How do I go about getting on your good side? How do I get you to treat me with respect, Teddy Jack?” (Pastiche Post)

The second impeachment of the 45th president will begin later this week.

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