Unhinged Karen Spends Taxpayer Dollars Speaking to the Ex-Manager About Her Twitter Account

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The average hourly salary of a member of the U.S. House of Representatives is roughly $1006, which means when an unhinged Karen spent five minutes of her allotted time during a House Oversight Committee hearing to berate ex-managers of Twitter about her personal account on the social media platform, she spent roughly $84 of the taxpayers’ funds to do so.

Though reports are still coming in, it’s believed by many on the Hill that the Karen who took five minutes of a congressional hearing to bellyache about how she was personally treated on Twitter is actually Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA). Forensic video analysis, combined with a chemical analysis of the seat she sat in, seems to show that a horse faced cave troll was the one sitting in the chair, and farting, while she screamed at private citizens who she blamed for suspending her Twitter account when it was found she repeatedly broke Twitter’s rules with it.

The Twitter executives who appeared before the House Oversight Committee weren’t able to provide the Karen with many answers that satisfied her. The Karen was shocked and outraged that she could have her personal account suspended just like a commoner, and she was extremely irate that Twitter didn’t have a policy that allowed her turn their platform into an anti-vaxxer Nazi hotline.

Alleged Speaker Kevin McCarthy (Q-CA) didn’t have any problem with how the Karen behaved or threats she made against the Twitter executives.

“Whoever that kindly equine featured lady was, I’m sure she had her reasons for using her powers as an official of the government to harass private citizens who wouldn’t let her say whatever she wanted without consequences,” McCarthy said.

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