Confused MTG Gets Request from George Santos for House Drag Queen Story Hour

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) spoke to Fox News this morning about a slew of issues she and her fellow Republicans will tackle now that they have control of the House of Representatives, and have made their committee assignments. Greene previewed for viewers what the House, under Republican stewardship, would look like.

“We won’t rest until we’ve made sure every American has taken as long a look at Hunter Biden’s pecker as possible,” Greene said. “We’ll also very probably re-open the Benghazi and Obama’s Tan Suit investigations, because there’s still some evidence about those scandals that we need to make up, er I mean, find and publicize.”

During the interview, Greene also confirmed reports that her office received a rather unexpected request this week.

“Yes, Ainsley, that’s right, George Santos sent me an email a couple of days ago, and he asked me if there was any interest in a House Drag Queen Story Hour,” Greene divulged. “I’m not exactly sure what all that would entail, but George told me that his friend Kitara would handle all the details.”

@jamboschlarmbo Thanks to #GeorgeSantos, House hearings might get a lot more fabulous soon! #satire #politik #politics #GOP #Republican #dragqueen ♬ original sound James Schlarmann

Greene gave no firm indication if she was inclined to support Santos’ request, but told the morning show hosts that she will “certainly have a discussion” with Alleged Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy about it.

“I’m not sure if I’ll give Kevin permission to give George permission or not. It does sound interesting, and I personally wonder if one of the drag queens might help me find some makeup techniques that reduce the ways I look like a horse-faced cave troll,” Greene said, “and more like a horse-faced beauty queen. So there’s a good chance I’ll give it my hoofs-up.”

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