Mike Pence Explains How Ripping Wombs Out of Immigrant Women is Pro-Life and Not Permanent Abortion

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — This morning Vice President High Priest Michael Pence was asked to address shocking allegations that doctors in Georgia performed unrequested hysterectomies on untold numbers of women who were under ICE custody.

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It’s the latest in a series of allegations against Dear President’s administration in their handling of undocumented people coming across the southern border. In 2018, the Trump administration began a “zero tolerance” policy that would force migrant families into being separated from one another. Children and their parents were placed in separate facilities. In the ensuing months and years, there have been numerous allegations of sexual assault, and some children have even died in ICE custody, though some Trump surrogates have tried to downplay those reports on behalf of the president.

The allegations stem from a 27-page complaint compiled by Project South, an Atlanta-based advocacy group, as well as Georgia Detention Watch, Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights and South Georgia Immigrant Support Network. The complaint lists Dawn Wooten, a former nurse at the Irwin County Detention Center, as a whistleblower who details medical neglect such as refusal to test detainees for COVID-19 and an alarming practice of subjecting female detainees to hysterectomies without them fully understanding what was happening. The detention center is run by private prison company LaSalle Corrections and overseen by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (USA TODAY)

“I mean, all lives matter, that’s very true, but the simple fact is, and you can look this up in the Constitution some time,” State Rep. Tom Thompaulsen (R) explained on conservative talk radio today, “All lives stop mattering at our borders. We can’t, by law, have sympathy or compassion for immigrants, particularly brown ones, I’m sorry.”

The whistleblower complaint alleges that immigration detainees were routinely sent outside the detention center to a gynecologist who performed full hysterectomies, partial ones, and other surgical procedures without their full understanding or consent. In one case, Wooten said a detained young woman was supposed to have her left ovary removed because of a cyst but the doctor remover her right ovary instead. The doctor still had to remove the left ovary, Wooten said, leaving the detainee completely infertile. (USA TODAY)

Vice President Pence spoke at a prayer luncheon held for Republican donors in the nation’s capital today. Within the Trump administration, there can hardly be found someone who is more openly and devoutly “pro-life,” or anti-abortion, than Pence. Vice President High Priest Pence is a deeply religious Christian and has made efforts to roll back abortion rights while holding each office he’s been elected to.

When his remarks had concluded, Pence was walking out of the church the luncheon was being held in, and was stopped by reporters who asked if he’d be willing to answer some questions. Pence agreed to answer the reporters’ questions. The very first question came from a reporter who asked him, point blank, for his feelings about the reports of the hysterectomies.

“High Priest Pence, how can you square your beliefs that all lives matter, and that abortion is wrong, with all the hysterectomies,” the reporter asked. “Isn’t a hysterectomy a permanent abortion? You’re taking away that woman’s ability to procreate ever, in her entire life. How, sir, are mass hysterectomies different from permanent abortions?”

Pence rubbed his chin. He looked skyward. Vice President Pence closed his eyes, and seemed to say a little prayer. Finally, after about 30 seconds, he answered the reporter’s question.

“It’s not, but they’re brown, so who cares? Next question,” Pence said, before answering a couple more questions and leaving.

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