Mike Cernovich Says Nunes Memo ‘Most Believable News Item’ Since Pizzagate

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CHEMTRAILS, CALIFORNIA — Right-wing conspiracy theorist and amateur journalist Mike Cernovich lashed out on his various social media channels in an early morning social media rant today. Cernovich, who is one of Trump’s most strident supporters in the online world and who has made attempts to be taken seriously as a reporter while covering big stories in the far-right blogosphere, said that he is “outraged but not surprised that the mainstream cuck media” is not giving more credence and import to the memo written by the congressional staff of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) that was released yesterday after President Trump approved it.

Yesterday, Cernovich told his followers he believes the Nunes memo proves General Michael Flynn, who was fired by President trump after it was revealed in news reporting that he lied about having contact with the Russian government. Flynn was one of the first people ensnared in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government, and has plead guilty to charges related to lying to the FBI.


“Let me just tell you this, fam, the cuck media isn’t just ignoring the biggest news story since Watergate,” Cernovich said to his followers in a Periscope broadcast on Twitter. “They are ignoring a very credible, believable news story that exposes the Deep State Covfefe Conspiracy that our Dear President has warned us about since day one.”

Cernovich says that the media is downplaying a story because they say it lacks total credibility because Nunes is a Republican, was on Trump’s transition team from candidacy to presidency, the FBI said there were major errors of omission in the report, and because the Department of Justice, Trump’s DOJ no less, didn’t want it released. Cernovich calls concerns over Nunes’ partisan stance and treatment of the memo “libtarded cuckery” and said they are “sitting on a very reliably sourced story” to protect Barack Obama.


“This story is the most believable news item since Pizzagate for Chrissakes, and the cucktarded media’s just focused on how it was written from cherry picked information that intentionally left out key details,” Cernovich said. “But I promise this to you, fam, I will never give up on this Nunes memo, just like I didn’t give up until everyone in the country knew about Pizzagate because that guy went and tried to shoot up Comet Pizza because of my, um, you know, reporting.”

Cernovich said the Nunes memo is so important, it “blows the lid off” nearly every conspiracy theory the right has postulated and wondered about.

“At this point, I think it’s safe to say the Nunes memo confirms everything. And I mean everything,” Cernovich said. “Six trillion illegal Mexicans voting in California – confirmed. Ten thousand Muslims in New Jersey celebrating on 9/11 – confirmed. Killary Clit-stoned personally murdering Seth Rich, Vince Foster, John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln and Jesus? Fucking confirmed.”

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