Meryl Streep’s Third Oscar Agrees That She’s Overrated

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HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA — Actress Meryl Streep set the world abuzz when she delivered an emotional speech at the 2017 Golden Globes this weekend. The speech, while never mentioning his name, broached the subject of President-Elect Donald Trump, with Streep comparing him to an actor giving a horrifying performance. As many could have predicted, Mr. Trump took to his social media platform of choice — Twitter — and blasted Streep as “overrated.

While Streep had many people jumping to her defense, pointing out that she has been nominated 19 times for an Academy Award — one of the highest achievements anyone in her profession can attain — there was one surprising person who agreed with Trump. That person is Streeps third Oscar, which she won for “The Iron Lady.” At an early Monday morning press conference, the third Oscar told reporters he “completely agreed” with Trump.

“Oh yeah, Meryl’s totally overrated,” Oscar said, “and Trump’s got her on that. Sure, she has carved out a career for herself that spans decades, and sure she’s blazed a trail for actresses that doesn’t include losing roles when you get older to younger actresses, and sure, she’s able to lose herself convincingly in a multitude of roles — unlike older male actors like Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino who have started playing caricatures of their best roles — but Trump’s totally and completely right. Meryl? Overrated as fuck.”

Streep’s third Oscar admitted that “on paper it looks like she’s the best actor of any gender” but that “you have to look deeper at these kinds of things.”

“Sure, pound for pound Meryl’s been in some of the biggest films,” the third Oscar said, “and has played some of the most diverse characters all convincingly and with an expertise that is so undeniable if she’s in a film one year and not nominated everyone wonders if she died and no one released the news…but yeah, Trump’s on point here. Meryl — totally overrated, for sure.”

Meryl Streep has won three Academy Awards and has been nominated 19 times for one. She has also won eight Golden Globes and all told over 100 different prestigious awards and citations for her work as an actress. This year’s Globes speech was being delivered as part of her winning the lifetime achievement award.

Mr. Trump has had four bankruptcies and at least ten businesses go under.

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