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Man Who Got D- In High School Science Class Has Strong Opinions on Fauci’s Performance

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Burt Thompson is a retired off-road racer. For more than two decades, Burt raced his trucks in various competitive leagues. He never won a world championship, but Thompson, who hosts a podcast dedicated to the intersection of off-road racing and conservative politics, says he has a lot of fond memories of his career. Thompson is also quite honest about the fact that he may have risen through the ranks of the off-road racing world, but he never got very good grades in high school science class.

“I never got a very good grade in any science class in high school, that much I cannot deny. I think the highest I ever got was a D- in biology,” Thompson said during a recent episode of his podcast. “But I have some thoughts on Dr. Anthony Fauci — or FRAUD-CI as we call him among the super intelligent circles I run in. And you’re about to hear all of them.”


Over the course of the next two hours, Burt made his case. While he couldn’t point to anything specific that he would have done differently than Fauci, he said there’s a “perfectly reasonable explanation” for that.

“I don’t have all the so-called training or education that Fauci has. But I do have my feelings. Are my feelings not as good as Fauci’s fact-based approach and willingness to readdress issues when he has new evidence,” Thompson asked. “And, if his facts are so good, why does he change his mind when he sees newer facts and better data? Does he not realize only soyboy beta commie cucks change their minds when they get new information to rely on?”

Thompson announced on the same episode that he was going to partner with his congressional representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) and help her promote her “Fire Fauci” bill.

“She ain’t in any committees, and her bill has zero chance of passing, but it’s political theater, and what else we do conservatives do anymore,” Thompson asked rhetorically. “I might not understand simple scientific concepts, and I maybe never took a science class in college, much less any more advanced ones than Fauci, but I know for a fact he’s a fraud, failure, and loser, and should be fired right now. If for nothing else than for making our former Dear President very sad by saving lives and being smarter than him.”


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