Man Kicked Off Truth Social for Posting The Sky is Blue and Donald Trump Lost the 2020 Election

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Donald Trump’s new social media venture officially launched this week with less than stellar performance results. While Truth Social was a top download in the Apple App Store on its first day of publication, thousands of users reported that the servers were overloaded, and they were on a waitlist to gain access to the site.

According to 43 year old Scott Manoot, even if those potential users did manage to get onto Truth Social, they might not have lasted long before running into trouble with the site’s Terms of Service. Mr. Manoot told us during a telephione interview that he was one of the people who managed to actually register and activate an account on Truth Social on its launch day. However, after he posted just three times, Manoot was permanently banned.

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“The first post I made was just a simple comment on how wonderfully blue the sky was that day. Almost immediately I got a warning about how posting that kind of content was against the rules,” Manoot said. “I honestly thought it was a first day glitch, because it’s not like the sky being blue is a controversial subject, or even a lie, but I didn’t really think much of it.”

Then, Scott says he made a post about his new guitar, but accidentally made a typo and said it was made by “Foonder,” not Fender.

“They didn’t have a problem with that post. Technically, Foonder isn’t a real company, and that meant my post about my guitar was I guess kind of a lie,” Manoot explained. “Still, nothing got flagged by Truth Social on that one, so I thought everything was all good.”

Manoot says he edited his post, to correct the misspelling, and was then told his post violated the terms of service again. Unsure what to do next, Scott says he logged off Truth Social for awhile. Then, he got back on and created the post that would, ultimately, get him removed from Truth Social permanently.

Manoot posted that he was hopeful former, one term, twice permanently impeached President Don Trump would run again in 2024, and “win this time.” The implication of his post being that Trump actually lost in 2020 was the final straw for their terms of service, apparently.

“Keep in mind, I’m a Trump voter, okay? I feel like anyone who’s had a lobotomy, or been smacked in the head with a brick a few hundred times like I have been, would feel the same. But I’m not in a weird cult, and I don’t consider myself a MAGA, just a Republican. Anyway, it sucked seeing Trump lose, but I just thought it was a chance for him to rally and come back stronger in 2024.”

Scott was not given a chance to appeal his suspension, but he said he’s not sure he’d go back to Truth Social even if he could.

“I don’t get it. I’m dumb enough to be a Trump supporter, but that apparently doesn’t cut the mustard on Truth Social. I guess I need to be dumb AND full of shit to keep my account in good standing, and I’m just honestly not sure I can do both, but we’ll see what happens.”

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