Gun Enthusiast ‘Pissed’ He Has to Sell Guns Out of His Trunk and Not Facebook Now

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GREENVILLE, TENNESSEE — Facebook has decided it will no longer allow private users to sell guns to one another on its social network site, and not everyone is pleased.

Phillip Grim told followers of his Facebook page when he heard the news that he was “pissed, officially pissed” at the decision. In a 2,234 word screed that used the words “tyranny” and “infringed” 425 times apiece, Grim explained why Facebook, while not technically abridging the Second Amendment, was “raping its soul with their Silicon Valley dongs.”

Just who the shit do these Facebook tyrants of tyranny think they are? They may not have infringed on our 2A rights tonight, patriots, but they have sullied the spirit of James Madison with their libtard tears. Their left-wing, Cultural Marxist, intelligentsia-backed, uber-elitist, socialism is now raping the 2a. Raping its soul with their Silicon Valley dongs.

Grim said what was angering him the most about the decision “isn’t even the violation of the spirit of America’s balls, the Second Amendment,” but that he was now going to have to start doing private gun transactions out of the back of trunk now, instead of on Facebook.

It’s fucking cold outside right now. It’s winter, Mark “Obama” Zucker”Killary Clinton”berg! You’re really gonna make me drive all the way to the Piggly-Wiggly to complete my patriot-to-patriot exchange of bullshit fiat currency (GO GOLD!) for sweet, sweet liberty cannons? You tyranny inducing tyrants! Shall not be infringed used to mean something.

Mr. Grim told his Facebook followers that there was still hope, though, for the cause of “here a gun, there a gun, everywhere a gun, gun.”

They still haven’t gotten their bullshit background check law passed, at least Patriots. There is still hope. As long as we can still irresponsibly transfer our firearms between one another with only a handshake, we will ensure that liberty will breathe free. As long as we can simply give each other a wink, and a nod and then exchange money for guns, we will be doing good by not just humanity, but more importantly, by Americans. Because it’s like Thomas Jefferson said, “Here a gun, there a gun, everywhere a gun, gun.”

Toward the end of his post, Grim foretold of what would happen if the gun loving community on Facebook didn’t “make a stink” about the decision to not allow private gun sales on their website anymore.

It’ll start with Facebook. Soon, the government will shut down any and all websites and message boards that allow people to willy-nilly sell their guns to anyone without a care in the world at all — as George Washington believed it had to be. Then it’ll be FEMA camps. Then it’ll be Obamacare having a clause where you have to get gay married to get a Tylenol. Then they’ll ban football. And when they ban Jesus Christ and you decide now is the time to rise up, you won’t be able to, because you only have 15 guns, but you need 1500, and you couldn’t buy them all because Obama told Zuckerberg to pull the plug on America on Facebook. BULLSHIT.

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