Greene Says She Identifies as ‘Madison Cawthorn But Without a Dong’

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During a recent episode of Steve Bannon’s podcast, freshman Congressmare Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) was asked for her feelings on the spate of laws passed or proposed in red states that seek to dramatically tamp down on transgender athletes’ access to competitions set aside for the gender they identify with. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Ms. Greene indicated she supports the laws.

During one segment of the interview, Greene said she does have “some empathy” for transgender people, because she sometimes finds herself “not quite fitting into [her] own body.”

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“Hell, it’s not that I’m a totally heartless, cruel, cackling, straw-haired, equine-featured domestic terrorist! I have feelings, too. I can empathize with someone who sometimes feels out of place in their own body. After all, Steve, I never know if I feel more horsey or more human-y until I wake up each day,” Greene admitted.

“Hell, I tell people sometimes, when they ask me for my pronouns or identity, that I identify as Madison Cawthorn. Just, you know, without a dong. And I don’t need a wheelchair to gallop, clearly.”

Greene explained that she and Cawthorn are “cut from the same Confederate flag” and that she, like he, believes that Ukrainian President Zelensky is a “thug.”

“I mean, c’mon, Steve! Putin is just trying to secure his border, and you know how I feel about border security! Not to mention,” Greene whinnied, “President Putin gave us President Trump, and both Maddy and I know deep down in our General Lee lovin’ hearts that Trump was the best president we’ll ever have. Oh, we also both tried to subvert democracy and took part in Trump’s coup, but you know, who’s counting?”

In a written statement, Rep. Cawthorn (Q-NC) thanked Greene for her support, and said he too sometimes identifies as her.

“Congressman Cawthorn is, as ever, grateful for Rep. Greene and her faithful support of him, and the MAGA Doctrine. Ironically, he too identifies as her, but without the cloven feet and feed bag,” Cawthorn’s statement indicates.

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