Greene Wants Harrison Ford to Testify About Being Antifa Leader Since 1980

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Congresspony Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) filed a bill on the House Floor this week that, if signed into law by President Joe Biden, would officially designate Antifa as a terrorist organization. It’s unclear at this time where Antifa’s headquarters are, who are in leadership roles, or even if there is a registry of rank and file Antifa soldiers, however many speculate that billionaire George Soros might be bankrolling them through the Obama-Alinsky Federation for Libtardation.

It’s highly unlikely that the Democratically controlled Senate would even take Greene’s bill up for consideration if it passes the House on purely partisan lines, much less pass it onto the president’s desk for signing. At a press conference however, Greene waved off concerns about the chances her bill has of becoming law, and said she’s “got a plan for that.”

“We’re just gonna file it away, and wait until President Trump is either reinstated to his throne, or wins the next election or insurrection,” Greene promised reporters. “Antifa can run, and Antifa can hide, but one day, when they least expect it, they’re gonna wake up with a horse head in their bed. My head, because I’ll be standing over it when they wake up, ready to pounce!”

Greene then announced that she had used her powers as actual Speaker of the House to convince Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Q-CA) to establish a special select subcommittee tasked solely with investigating Antifa. Rep. Greene even announced that she’s already got her first witness in mind.

“I happened to be walking through the mall the other day, and this store had TVs in their windows, showing some movie from 1980 about an archaeologist going on adventures and stealing religious artifacts from very fine people who just wanted to secure their borders and make Germany great again,” Greene explained. “That man was Harrison Ford, the actor, and I have to tell you, I personally witnessed him commit acts of Antifa violence on his political adversaries, and it set off a lightbulb in my head.”

Greene then showed everyone in attendance that her skull is truly empty except for a small, 3-watt fish aquarium bulb that lights up every time she has a thought.

“When this little baby went off that night, I knew it. I knew I had to subpoena Harrison Ford,” Green said excitedly. “He’s clearly been an Antifa leader for over forty years, and it’s time for House Republicans to get to the bottom of it!”


Never fear, America. #marjorietaylorgreene is here to protect us from #antifa #satire #indianajones #harrisonford

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