Greene: “Black History Month is a Marxist Attack on Americans Who Want to Ignore Black People”

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today is the first day of Black History Month, but not everyone in America is excited about it. In fact, one elected Republican is so angry, she took to Steve Bannon’s podcast this morning and lambasted Black History Month as a concept, calling it a “Marxist attack” on white Americans.

“Steve, this entire Black History Month has got to go! It’s reverse racism of the worst kind I have ever witnessed. I can’t tell you how many good, clean, ammo hoarding, mayo spreading patriotic Americans I’ve had tell me how offended they are by the concept of learning about so-called black history,” Greene told Bannon.

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“First of off, you can’t have black history without white people, okay? It’s a scientific fact! Second of off? Other than the rest of the year, when do we exclusively teach White History? See what I mean, total and complete reverse racism, Steve.”

Greene accused lawmakers who initially began the Black History Month celebrations of being “secret cultural Marxists hell bent on destroying America with accurate, primary source history lessons.”

“Black History Month is a Marxist attack on Americans who want to ignore black people. It should be illegal, and when I get King Trump back on his throne, he will immediately end it,” Greene promised.

“It’s like a whole month of CRT, which we know should be illegal speech and thought! I wish more governors in this country had the vision that Ron DeSantis does! He knows and understands the First Amendment only applies to white Christians, and is really just a suggestion anyway. Until we stop coddling black people by spending less than 10% of the year focusing on their contributions to society, AMERICA IS LOST, STEVE!”

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