GOP Rep: Obama’s Fictional FEMA Death Camps Much Worse Than Trump’s Actual Concentration Camps

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told a conservative podcast host today that he believes all the talk of whether the Trump administration is running concentration camps for migrants they detain while illegally crossing the southern border “ignores a far, far worse crime against humanity,” in his estimation.

“Why are we talking about Donald Trump’s kiddie koncentration kamps when we should be talking about something else entirely,” Gaetz asked Walt Shermire during a taping of Shermire’s podcast. “Namely, Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s fictional FEMA death camps. You remember them — the ones where he was going to send us all after he took away our guns, stripped ‘In God We Trust’ from our currency, and forced us all to get gay married before we have abortions, paid for by ONLY Christian taxpayers. We talked about them all the time during the Obama era.”

Shermire told Gaetz he “remembers Obama’s fictitious, fever dream” camps to this day. During the years that Barack Obama was president, there were many on the right who were convinced that sites that were being built by FEMA in case of major ecological catastrophe were actually being built as concentration camps to put dissenting Americans into. Gaetz believes those are the camps Americans should be focused on right now, not the actual camps where real humans are being stuffed like sardines into.

“Sure, we could spend all kinds of time talking about the inhumane, unsanitary conditions we’re forcing on innocent children,” Gaetz admitted at one point, “but why? That would mean facing the horrific consequences of our heartless actions. Instead, let’s focus on the stuff we all pretended to know was for-sure happening a few years ago. We’re conservatives! We’re not supposed to focus on what’s happening right now, we’re supposed to fight tooth and nail to wrench everyone backward to a time we misguidedly think existed and/or was better than the one we live in now!”

In recent days, bitter back and forth bantering has broken out among congressional Republicans and Democrats over the detainment camps. Many on the right are furious with Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for unrepentantly and repeatedly classifying the centers as “concentration camps.” To this point, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has shown no willingness to back down.

Both Shermire and Gaetz agree that the Constitution is “very murky” on whether Republican presidents “can even technically commit crimes, much less human rights violations.”

“I’m pretty sure that the Barr summary of the Mueller report makes it very clear that Republican presidents are untouchable,” Shermire told Gaetz. “So I think anyone who tries to investigate these camps, or tries to hold Trump accountable in general, is probably going to be thrown in jail.”

Gaetz says it “should be against the law” to bring up Trump’s detainee concentration camps without first blaming Barack Obama for the imaginary camps he and his fellow Republicans railed about for years.

“Is it really whataboutism to deflect righteous criticism by bringing up irrelevant and unrelated alleged misdeeds of others,” Gaetz asked rhetorically before an aide leaned in and whispered something in his ear. “Oh, it is? Well, hell…um…Who needs a drink? I need a drink. You need a drink? No? You mind if I have yours then? And yours? And yours? And yours? And then do you mind if I get into a car and drive drunk? Don’t worry, I never get it into any real trouble for it, and haven’t managed to kill anyone…yet.”

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