Man Who Burned, Shot, and Hung Obama In Effigy Really Offended By Snoop Dogg’s Anti-Trump Video

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HOBART, ARKANSAS — Clem O’Connell is a right-wing podcaster who has developed a following because he “tells it like it should be” on his podcast, Super Totally Biased America. Over the years, Clem developed a reputation on the right for being willing to demonstrate against Barack Obama in what he calls “provocative” ways.

“One time I hung Obama,” Clem said, “not because that’s what you do to black folk, but because that’s what you do to traitors you see. It ain’t my fault if some other Republican, who just so happens to be super-duper racist, comes along and sees that and takes in a racist way.”

Another time, to protest the signing of the Affordable Care Act into law, Clem stuffed six, large black trash bags with leaves, put a suit on over the bags, put a make of President Obama’s face on the bags, and lit the whole thing on fire.

“You know” Clem said, “to symbolize how Obama was literally burning the Constitution with his Commie Socialist Sharia voodoo. Freedom of speech, libtards, if you don’t like it. Freedom of speech!”

Still another incident saw Clem setting up watermelons with Obma’s face painted on them on top of buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and then he proceeded to shoot the watermelons. He videotaped the whole thing for his YouTube channel.

“For starters, nothing was racist about the setup,” Clem said, “because watermelons were on sale at the store, and we have a KFC right down the street. But second of all, I was shooting those watermelons in an act of political protest. Obama had just come out and said we should try to make sure guns don’t end up in the hands of children, and I was like, in my head, ‘Who the fuck is this un-American Kenyan Muslin to tell my six year old they can’t handle daddy’s gun? That’s why I’m glad I voted for Trump, he definitely wants at least one of his kids in particular to handle his piece.”

With all his political protest, however, Clem says that the video rapper Snoop Dogg put out should land him in jail. The video shows Snoop pulling the trigger on a toy gun while its pointed at an actor dressed as a clown that is clearly a representation of Trump. The outrage on the right about the video is “totally justified” despite eight years of similar protests from conservatives, Clem says.

“It’s just different okay,” Clem said, “and I think it should be obvious, just by looking at Mr. Doggy Dogg just what the differences between him and me are. But the truth is that I was always protesting a Democrat president. So you know, I was being a patriot. Snoop is protesting a Republican president. Therefore his protest is invalid. It’s just that easy.”

In the end, Clem says he’s “just terribly offended” by Snoop Dogg’s video, and he says he’s not sure if he’ll ever recover.

“It’s hard, okay,” Clem told his audience, “it’s hard to see someone you love so much, like our dear Trump, be treated like that. It hurts my feelings, okay? I feel like we need to set up a place, a space that feels safe, away from this horrible differing view points. I feel like we should be able to, I don’t know, spew it but not get it spewed back…to dish, but not take. Know what I mean? We need some place we can call our own, away from the meany headed libtards.”

Clem ended the episode and said he was going to go read Breitbart News for five hours with Fox News on in the background to drown his sorrows.

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