Boebert Proposes Lowering the Debt Basement Instead of Raising the Debt Ceiling

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“Representative Boebert had an epiphany — there’s more than just a ceiling in a house. There’s a bottom part.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert (Q-CO) proposed a rather novel idea to her fellow Republicans during a recent conference meeting, according to several sources who were in the room. During the meeting, the debt ceiling negotiations with President Joe Biden were the main topic of discussion among the House GOP delegation, and it was during those discussions that Ms. Boebert floated her trial balloon.

Instead of raising the debt ceiling, thereby agreeing to pay the debts previous congressional bodies approved during the Trump administration, Boebert said the “debt basement” should be lowered instead. We spoke to Chad Beefington, a member of Boebert’s press office about her proposal.

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“When Congressmoron Boebert won re-election by just over 500 votes in last year’s midterms, she knew she had a clear mandate from the idiotic people of Colorado who put her back in office,” Beefington explained. “That mandate is simple — be a bold leader who thinks outside the box. While everyone here in D.C. was talking about whether or not to raise the debt ceiling, Representative Boebert had an epiphany — there’s more than just a ceiling in a house. There’s a bottom part.”

We reached out to more than a dozen former members of congress and economics professors, and none of them had even heard of a debt basement. Beefington, however, waved that off. He said that “so-called experts” aren’t the only ones Americans trust.

“The so-called experts tell you to look both ways before you cross the street, and to put on a seatbelt when you’re driving,” Beefington said, “but it’s every American’s right to get plowed over by a bus, or ejected through the windshield of their sedan, and Representative Boebert fully understands she might be the only member of congress brave enough to stand up for our rights to do and say stupid stuff.”

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