Boebert Slams Biden for Spending President’s Day in Country She Can’t Find on a Map

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This morning, President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine, and met with Ukrainian President Vlodomir Zalensky. Normally, an American president visiting an ally would not be enough to rankle pro-MAGA politicians, but because Biden’s visit came on President’s Day, several of them took shots at the commander in chief while he was overseas.


@jamboschlarmbo In this #satire #LaurenBoebert criticizes #Biden for being in Ukraine on #PresidentsDay #politik #politics #political ♬ original sound – James Schlarmann

One such critic of President Biden’s trip to Ukraine was none other than Congressmoron Lauren Boebert (Q-CO).

“This is just yet another example of Biden’s coastal elite, America Last attitude toward the hard working, cousin lusting, knuckle-dragging middle Americans who work hard every day to turn this country into a Christofascist hell hole,” Boebert said on Newsmax this morning. “Of course he would run away to some other country on President’s Day! And the worst part is he chose a place I can’t even find on a damn map!”

A tearful Boebert said it was “extra mean” of Biden to visit a country she can’t find.

“Because I just learned how to spell ‘map’ two weeks ago, and Biden knows that! This was a direct attack on me,” Boebert insisted, “and it’s one of the many reasons I have agreed to co-sponsor the Articles of Impeachment Marjorie Taylor Greene drafted against him, and his son’s laptop. This disrespect will not stand.”

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