Documents Reveal AT&T is a Major Financial Backer of KlanTV

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DALLAS, TEXAS — From its inception, One American News Network — known more commonly by its initials, OANN, has not hidden it’s very pro-MAGA biases.

The news network’s anchors and field reporters can often be found on Twitter spreading baseless claims about the 2020 election, and in general are some of the former, one term, twice forever impeached president’s staunchest of allies. While it may not shock anyone anymore when an OANN journalist files a report that blatantly misrepresents facts in order to support Donald J. Trump, news that the network’s financial solvency depends almost entirely on telecom giant AT&T has begun to reverberate through social and legacy media.


However, it appears that OANN isn’t the only far right news network that AT&T has kept afloat with sizable financial contributions. This morning, Entertainment This Week published a story that contained references to leaked internal AT&T accounting spreadsheets that show it has also been the primary investor for several years in KLANTV, which only runs in states that left the union over slavery in the 19th century.

Media expert Clive Clovens told us that as shocking as it might seem today, finding out that AT&T finances hate speech and alt-right propaganda would shock fewer people who lived decades ago.

“People today might remember they’re old slogan, ‘Reach out and touch someone,'” Clovens told us. “However, before that was their corporate slogan, they used, ‘Reach out and light a cross on someone’s lawn.'”

AT&T spokesperson Tommy Schitdik defended the company from accusations that it’s funding and coddling dangerous extremists.

“First off, we’re doing it in the name of profit, and in this country, that means more than literally anything else,” Schitdik insisted. “Secondly, KLANTV is a wholly owned subsidiary of OANN, so technically it’s just one hot bed of domestic terrorist chatter we’re sponsoring, not two!”

Klan spokesperson and former White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller called the reporting “overblown” and called on Trump to “destroy any and all news outlets” who carried the story upon his “rightful restoration to the throne.”

This story is developing.


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