Area Atheist Doesn’t Want Any More ‘Damn Christian Terrorists’ Moving To Her City

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FLUSHING MEADOWS, WISCONSIN — Failed 2016 Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker also happens to be the governor of the State of Wisconsin. Walker is one of the over 20 governors who have decided they would like to keep refugees from the war torn country of Syria out of their respective states. Federal authorities have been quick to point out the supremacy of the Constitution and how that supremacy means governors technically don’t have the legal authority to turn away anyone the feds approve. One atheist in Walker’s state however, says she is going to push him to keep a different group of religious fundamentalists from flooding into Wisconsin.

“I don’t want any more damn Christian terrorists moving into my city,” Helen Faber told us via phone interview. Faber said she is a 43-year old long time resident of Flushing Meadows, Wisconsin and she has seen over time “just how much the Christians in this town can terrorize people” and she believes “America’s fundies aren’t really much different from fundamentalist radicals in other parts of the world.”

Herself an atheist, Faber has her doctorate degree in anthropology and has studied human history for the better part of two decades. She told our reporter that “one of the first things that Daesh does when they take control over an area is decimate the schools and destroy libraries” because she says, “controlling education and information is one of the hallmarks of a theocratic, closed society.” Ms. Faber said, “If you look at what’s happening here in the States, you have conservatives in states like Colorado and Texas openly changing the curriculum taught at schools to create a whole new narrative about American exceptionalism, and to downplay racist institutions.”

“There is far more in common between Daesh and radical Christianity than they’ll ever admit,” Faber says, “and the simple fact is that keeping the general populace dumb and easily manipulable is a common goal between them.” Faber said that no religion is free from its abusers and that she finds it “extremely comical” when Christians behave as if they don’t have violence in their past, but also in their most recent history. “Timothy McVeigh was a conservative Christian anti-government guy,” Faber said, “and Breivik over in Norway was a Christian.” Faber said she finds it ironic that any religion that has led an Inquisition in the past would find the moral high ground to deny solace for refugees that belong to another religion.

Ms. Faber pointed out that “both Daesh and the Religious Right don’t want LGBT people to be equal” and that both groups “think they have a right to tell a woman what to do with her reproductive organs based on their religious beliefs.” She further said that they all “want to force their religiously-based view of the world on everyone and those that oppose it are expected to either stop fighting and give in, or be eliminated from society in one way or the other.”

“Let me put it this way,” Faber said at one point during the interview, “maybe they’re worried that some Jihadist will sneak in with the average refugee and blow up one of their buildings. But can any of us really be reasonably assured that some half-cocked, self-righteous, anti-choice Christian isn’t going to shoot up or bomb an abortion clinic?” Faber said she finds the intellectual inconsistency of the religious right the most offensive because “Christians are supposed to help those in need, not trample and turn their backs on them.”

“The only difference is that right now,” Faber said as the interview was concluding, “is that Christianity isn’t really openly calling for the murder of people who don’t follow their religion — oh wait, yeah they are. How many Christians have we seen on TV just in the last few days demanding that we enter into a Holy War with ‘Islamist terrorists’ again,” she asked rhetorically. “So I can’t help but think that keeping Christians out of my town might be beneficial. Maybe not for me, but for any of my gay friends or any of my female friends who might need an abortion one day,” Faber said.

A petition has been started by Faber and a few of her friends to have Walker sign an executive order barring any Christians from other states to move into Wisconsin until his policy against Syrian refugees is changed. This story will be updated as it develops.

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