Flashback: Al Qaeda Votes to Block Formation of 9/11 Commission

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As Senate Republicans inch closer to blocking the formation of the January 6th Commission — a bipartisan effort out of the House to investigate the causes and context of the pro-Trump insurrection on that day four months ago, some might feel a sense of outrage at what could be seen as an unprecedented effort to keep the truth from being exposed. However, Americans who are familiar with history might remember that something quite similar happened nearly twenty years ago.

“Just before the 9/11 Commission was ultimately authorized, members of Al Qaeda voted to block its creation,” historian Eliza Martin told us. “Of course, unlike back then, the Republicans in the Senate today do actually have the power to stop the January 6th commission from being approved. Al Qaeda’s vote, while essentially for the same reasons, did not prevent Congress from forming the 9/11 commission, and ultimately their work was carried out.”


Martin told us that even before Al Qaeda’s vote to block the 9/11 commission, there was yet another similar instance, this one even more noteworthy.

“Then there was the time that Lee Harvey Oswald voted to block the Warren Commission, which was established to investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy,” Martin said. “Of course, what makes this vote really interesting is that it was unanimous, but only because Oswald was the only one voting. Then again, it’s also noteworthy because Oswald was super-dead at the time.”

Senate Democrats would need ten Republican Senators in all to help them break a filibuster and get the January 6th commission established. So far, only three have indicated they would vote with the Dems. Sen. Joe Manchin has offered to change his party affiliation to Republican in order to least give the appearance that a Republican supports the commission, which caught several Democrats off-guard, thinking he was already a Republican.


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