12 Pictures of Kittens So Cute You’ll Want to Punch a Nun

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Around this office, we’re big fans of cute little kittens. You could say we find kittens to be just MEOW-velous creatures, and we’d forgive that horrible, horrible fucking pun because that’s how much we just simply adore little kittens. They’re so adorable with their wee faces and tiny voices. Even if they end up being absolute asshole cats that won’t leave you alone, constantly shred your belongings, and even crap out in front of your bedroom door as punishment for not letting them in at night, they all start out as cuddly-wuddly little furballs that we find just so completely irresistible.

And we know that you, our loyal readership, really love kittens too. So that’s why we scoured the world wide web, found an on-ramp for the information superhighway, and found the twelve most amazingly cute kittens in the entire world. In fact, all twelve of these kittens are so cute that you might find yourself put into a violent rage by their cuteness. One of our staffers who helped edit this piece was so violently triggered at the site of these precociously perfect little sweet furry babies that she went out and punched a nun right in the face.

We hope you have the same response yourself after looking at these kittens. So here they are…

12 Pictures of Kittens So Cute You’ll Want to Punch a Nun

#1. This Yarn Ball Playin’ With Motherfucker Right Here

Quite frankly, if you can look at this kitten and not literally melt into a pool of sweetness and catnip, you can eat shit and die. Seriously. Go take a long walk off a short pier if you don’t immediately fall head over paws in love with this widdle sweet thang, just all pushin’ that ball of yarn around with its tiny little kitten nose! Don’t act like you’re not impressed with that. You probably couldn’t get down on the ground and push a ball of yarn around and look even half as cute, you cold, unfeeling bastard. 

#2. This Held Aloft Cute AF MF Right Here

Good sweet Christ almighty! It’s like the Lion King except we don’t know the gender of the cat, the cat’s not a lion cub, and as far as we know, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was nowhere to be found. But there might not be anything in the world as cute as a kitten being held aloft, and for that reason alone, this little adorable motherfucker is included in our list.

#3. This Squinty-Ass MF Right Here

Sadly, this kitten will probably need some kind of corrective lenses when it gets old enough, particularly if its squinting problem doesn’t abate. But until then, we can all be thankful as all get out that his or her vision issues result in him or her being absolutely, positively adorbs! If this kitten doesn’t make you wanna punch a nun because it’s so cute, frankly nothing will!

#4. This Thumb-Stroked Badass Right Here

This adorably wee son of a bitch is getting his pets from someone’s thumb, and if that doesn’t make this kitten cute enough to punch a nun, you need to have your head examined. Just look at it! So tiny a full-grown thumb is all that’s needed to pet their entire kitten face, which is cute enough to make you want to just about die. But don’t die, punch a nun instead!

#5. This Sleep AF Ball of Fuzzy Cuteness Right Here

Kittens can be precocious little assholes. But they’re young, and that’s what’s to be expected of them. Parents of human kittens, or “babies,” if you will, are well-aware of the phenomenon displayed in this photo: They’re sometimes at their most cute and wonderful when they’re sleeping. You can’t tell from this picture, but five minutes before it was snapped, this kitten ripped apart its owner’s bean bag chair, and shat in her shoes. But all’s forgiven right now, because kitty’s sweepies.

#6. This Cutie Pie Who Probably Thinks They’re Rawring Like Nobody’s Business Right Here

Obviously we were not there when this picture was taken, but doesn’t it just look like this kitty was letting out the biggest “RAWR!” that it could? Of course, to our ears it would sound like the cutest little simper of a noise, but in this cutie’s imagination, they were probably letting out a “RAWR!” that could rip the bark off trees! Surely this cute MF triggers you into a fit of rage and makes you want to punch a nun!

#7. This GD Pile of Absolute Adorableness Right Here

What’s cuter than a picture of a kitten? A picture with two kittens, hur-durr. But what’s even cuter than that? Three kittens? So we guess this picture, which has no less than four simply beyond adorable kittens, must be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your miserable fucking lives. And if it’s not, then frankly your life is too cool to be spent reading dumb lists on the Internet anyway!

#8. This Sprawled Out Kitty Right Here

Kitty’s just layin’ there all sprawled and shit. Maybe kitty wants to play, maybe kitty wants to be patted, or maybe kitty’s ready to pounce on you if you fuck with kitty. Who knows? We don’t speak kitten, and kitty doesn’t speak English. But does it matter? Kitty’s cute, and we say kitty’s cute enough to make you nun-punchin’ craycray.

#9. This Dynamic Duo of Fuzzy Wuzzy Cute-Ocity Right Here

You’re probably thinking by this point in our rundown of kitten pictures that you’ve squeed all you can squee. But then you see this picture of these two badasses of cuteness and your heart goes SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE once more. Of course, we found out after we found this picture that one of these kittens voted for Ralph Nader back in 2000 and probably helped George W. Bush win in the process, but who hasn’t cast a bad vote in their lives, anyway?


They’re in a basket! They’re in a basket! THEY’RE IN A FUCKING BASKET!

#11. This Sleepy-Ass Lookin’ MF Right Here

This kitty looks like it either just woke up from a long nap, or is about to into a Phish concert with its friends. Either way, if you can find a cuter, more sleepy looking kitty on the Internet, DON’T SHOW IT TO US! We’re already out finding nuns to punch because of this cute MFer right here.

#12. This Polka-Dotted Feather Catching Cutie Right Here

Honestly, all the other 11 kitten pictures should’ve gotten you into nun-punch mode, but if they didn’t, this one surely will. If you make it through all twelve of these pictures, especially this one of a kitty snatching a feather, and you don’t feel like running over to the nearest Catholic church and landing a haymaker on Sister Mary Margaret Onassis Kennedy Kardashian, you are probably dead. Or heartless. Or BOTH.

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