Trump Tweets: Women “Ungrateful” To Him For Making Their Health A “Huge Talking Point”

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THE WHITE HOUSE — In an early morning potty session today, President Donald Trump took aim at women in a series of Tweets as part of a continuation of his calling out of those who fail to thank him.

Over the weekend, President Trump targeted LiAngelo Ball and his father LaVar Ball in a series of controversial tweets, saying of LiAngelo and his teammates who had been imprisoned in China that he “should have left them in jail” after LiAngelo acted “ungrateful.”

It would appear that the President has not yet had enough of going after those who he believes have disrespected him by not being grateful enough for his achievements, as today’s Tweets show.

Defending the early tweet this morning were long term Trump supporters and hosts of breakfast news show Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade.

“Have any of you seen the President’s Tweets this morning,” Doocy asked his colleagues.

“I did, Steve,” Earhardt replied. “And you know, I have to say, I fully support the President in his stance on insert issue here.”

Adding to the debate, Kilmeade added, “I sent a Twitter once. I told Kim Kardashian I liked her new hat.”

Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway, has been approached for comment, however she was too busy trying to buy her soul back from the devil to talk to us.

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