The Difficulties of Defining Home Defense

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You can find one of these at your local Home and Ammo show for about $800.

Following the mass massacre in Las Vegas last month, a lot of hoopla has been made over what constitutes home defense.

When it comes to guns, how is it the right of the government to tell us how much we should penetrate, how often, and how far? Obviously we have the right to bear arms, but shouldn’t our right to protect ourselves include the right to have rounds that will penetrate 3-inch steel plate? I mean, that could be my front door, right? Are you going to dictate the thickness of the door I’m going to shoot through to protect my home?

Jimmy Carter tried to.

At the time our founding fathers wrote the home defense law, aka the 2nd Amendment, guns could barely shoot through the balsa wood planes the British used in 1742. Our building materials and weapons have developed significantly since that time, and I think it’s about time we accept that we may have to shoot a zombie, foreign invader, well-made aircraft or a liberal at some point in our collective and paranoid future. As our housing structures get stronger, so too should our weapons needed to shoot through strong walls – walls the liberals don’t think we need.

As gun grabbers grab the guns Obama gave you back, really think how important a rocket launcher may end up being in your home protection arsenal. Try to think of America first for the first time again.

As you think about what affordable high-caliber weapon would penetrate the wall into Mexico should they invade our country, you should also calm the fuck down and go to work like a normal person and not give yourself a heart attack about a war that isn’t happening again. After all, Red Dawn was just a fucking movie, snowflake. And Hillary Rodham Clinton really is not the president.

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