Republicans React: Obama Headed to His Homeland For the First Time In His Presidency

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President Barack Obama has announced that he will be at the Global Entrepreneur Summit in July. The president has made three other trips to the sub-Sahara region of Africa. What makes this trip so newsworthy is that the summit is being held in Kenya, which is highly regarded in many conservative circles as the actual birthplace and homeland of President Obama.

It’s unclear just how far the news of Obama’s July trip to Kenya has spread in conservative circles, so The Political Garbage Chute teamed up with polling company We Poll You So Good to call 1,234 registered Republicans in five randomly selected states, and here’s their reaction.

Gary G. (AR), 47 years old: Must be nice to take a vacation to your homeland in the middle of the Benghazi investigations.

Katherine L. (AZ), 56 years old: See, this is exactly what I was telling all my bridge club members would happen for the last six years. He lulls us to sleep and then when he’s only — thankfully — got a few months left on his term, he sneaks off to the Mother Land to probably get more communist-sharia programming!

Louie G. (TX), 61 years old: That rascal in the White House is a usurper, and I’ve been saying this for years. This trip he’s taking under convenient cover of the Global Entry Manure Summit is nothing more than a clever, liberal ruse. He’s probably going to Kenya to meet secretly with ISIS to give them bombs to blow up my asparagus with!

Lawrence T. (GA), 32 years old: I heard on Limbaugh the other day that Obama hates this country so much he’d rather be golfing and vacationing than running it like a good CEO would. This trip to Kenya — his homeland of course — is proof that that Rush is right!

Michele B. (MN), 58 years old: Oh, thanks for calling me! I was afraid that I had suddenly become super irrelevant after I left Congress last — er I mean, I’m an anonymous, random Republican voter and I hate that Socialist!

Tom F. (MS), 67 years old: He probably left his real birth certificate at his boyhood home there and has to go get it so he can destroy the evidence!

Harold Z. (UT), 53 years old: What do I think of this? Benghazi, that’s what.

Trey G. (Slytherin), 40 years old: Benghazi.

Frank S. (WA), 62 years old: Benghazi.

Susan E. (KS), 72 years old: Benghazi!

President Obama’s staff did not indicate whether Obama would visit any of his family members that still live in Kenya. Sen. Ted Cruz, 2016 Republican hopeful said that he hopes “Obama remembers the way home from his real home” and that he’s “sure Obama will take a refresher course on socialism and communism while he’s there.”

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