Meadows: “How Can You Impeach Trump When Obama Was Black, a Democrat, and President First?”

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Mark Meadows is part of the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives, making him one of the most staunchly conservative Republican elected officials in the federal government. Meadows was first elected to Congress in 2012, the same year that Barack Hussein Obama won re-election. During his first congressional campaign, Meadows, vying for one of North Carolina’s House seats, tied himself closely to the same “Birther” movement that President Donald Trump was one of the most outspoken members of.

In short, the Birther movement pushed a racist conspiracy theory that Obama was born in Kenya, and that his Hawaiian birth certificate was a forgery. Despite multiple, public incidents in which he promised to have a team of investigators provide proof of the conspiracy, then citizen Trump never, ever made good on any of those promises. Meadows famously quipped on the campaign trail back in 2012 that he wanted to “send Obama back to Kenya.”

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As the House Democrats move their impeachment hearings into the public, Meadows remains one of Trump’s most steadfast allies. He was in the gallery for the first day of testimony in Chairman Adam Schiff’s impeachment hearing in the House Intelligence Committee. This morning, as he arrived to work, Meadows was stopped and asked by reporters why he’s so quick to defend Trump, and why he and his fellow Republicans seem more intent on attacking the character of the witnesses against the president than they are in defending his actions.

“Well, first of all,” Meadows said, condescension dripping in his voice, “the president and I belong to a tight knit group, a klan, if you will, and we stick together. It’s called the Republican Party, okay? Party over country. If you’re still shocked about a Republican choosing partisanship over patriotism, you should buy a DeLorean and travel back to the 1950’s because that train has left the damn station already.”

Rep. Meadows told reporters he finds it “highly irregular” that Congress could impeach Trump before “dealing with the Obama thing” first.

“I’m not saying what the president did was good, or anything like that. Hell, at this point I might even concede it was impeachable what he did,” Meadows explained, “but I’m just asking a very simple question. How can you impeach Trump when Obama was black, a Democrat, and president first? How can none of those things be impeachable, but a little official bribery and extortion is? All those things should have been addressed way, way before we got down to figuring out if Trump was literally trading arms for dirt on his political opponents.”

Meadows went even further. He said that Democrats should focus first on impeaching former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Think about it! Would Trump have even been in the position to do impeachable stuff if Hillary had beaten him? If you ask me, that makes her responsible because she left a vacuum into which an egomaniac stepped,” Meadows said, “and say that with all the respect our Dear President deserves. I’m just saying if you’re so offended by what he did, you should blame Hillary for losing to him. Impeach her first, then you get to Biden.”

Congressman Meadows says Biden should be impeached because he “was a Black Democrat president’s vice-president” and “other things.”

“What are those other things? I don’t know! But that’s exactly why we wanted Ukraine to dig up dirt on him,” Meadows said, “and at they very least they could just imply there’s dirt to be found by opening an investigation. This is all very normal, by the way, despite what the Constitution says about bribery and stuff.”

If impeached, President Trump would become just the third president in U.S. history to have that dubious distinction. Presidents Andrew Johnson and William Jefferson Clinton were the first and only two others to be impeached, though many believe Richard Nixon was in his way to impeachment before he resigned in disgrace. Meadows told reporters it would “be a shame” if Trump were “tainted with impeachment just because he did impeachable stuff.”

“Would we Republicans have impeached Barack Obama for doing the things Trump did? Of course! But let’s be honest, we wanted him impeached for a lot less, so why don’t we make a deal,” Meadows suggested. “It can be bipartisan. We impeach Obama, and then Biden, and then, you know, eventually, at some point, maybe, Trump? That sounds good to me, and I think the American people and our confederate base would agree.”

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