Illinois Nazis Re-Endorse Donald Trump for President

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ELWOOD, ILLINOIS — The Illinois chapter of the Nazi Party announced this week that they are officially endorsing President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, according to the chapter’s president, Grant Ryan.

“We just fell in love with Donald the minute he recognized we have very fine people on our side too,” Grant Ryan told reporters at a press conference outside the Illinois Nazi Party’s headquarters, adding, “Talk about having balls! We Nazis just fucking love balls! People don’t realize that about Nazis, but it’s totally true. We all just love a nice, big, glistening pair of balls!”

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Ryan has been the president of the Illinois chapter of Nazis since 2006, when he took over for his father in the same position. Ryan told the press that his organization “will gladly endorse any candidate who has the big, beautiful, chewing-gum-like testicles it takes to defend white nationalism.”

This is the second time the INP has endorsed Trump. The party also endorsed him in 2016.

Back then, Ryan told reporters that initially the INP wasn’t sure who to endorse, because according to him while a lot of the candidates were “saying things against immigrants” that could be construed in a racist tone, no one was “taking the racist horse by the racist reins” until Trump’s emergence on the political stage. In Ryan’s estimation, Trump was probably picking up on a “vibe in the air” over the border crisis, and could tell that “good, clean, ammo-hoarding, God-fearing, minority-hating Americans don’t want to just open the door for immigrants” even though he conceded he has “never heard of a refugee attacking America” from within the country.

“Oh sure, the liberal, Jew loving, Muslim apologist, black crime ignoring media will tell you that these so-called widows and orphans are vetted thoroughly,” Ryan said, “and they’ll tell you that no refugee has ever committed a terrorist attack on our soil. But we’re not talking about reality here; we’re talking about paranoid, willfully ignorant delusions fueled by a toxic cocktail of our own religious fundamentalism and both subtle and overt racist political rhetoric.”

Ryan said that over the course of the first term of his presidency, he and his fellow Nazis have been “bigly impressed” with Trump’s continual usage of racist tropes. He noticed, for instance, that Trump is quite mean when referring to “the Squad,” a group of freshman Democratic congresswomen who are all of color. Ryan also admired that Trump was unafraid to use the term “shit hole countries” to refer impoverished nations with many brown-skinned people living in them.

“In the end, as American Nazis we knew our choices in candidates were kind of slim,” Ryan said, “so you can imagine how excited we were when Trump kept right on being extremely racist during his first term. It made us realize he was willing to literally say and do anything for attention and a bump in the polls. We Illinois Nazis just love that, and we’ll be holding a rally in the park this weekend in honor of Mr. Trump.

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