Horse Faced Cave Troll Still Has Some Holocaust Comparisons to Make

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) has the distinction of being the only member of congress stripped of her committee assignments before a single committee met. Outspoken, brash, and not shy of the spotlight, Greene is also the one and only member of the House Equine Committee.

In fact, Greene is a medically-certified Horse Faced Cave Troll, as doctors have confirmed she has human, horse, and cave troll DNA. While she has not been able to really participate in the business of the House except to force meaningless roll call votes and propose bills to impeach President Biden that are doomed to fail, Greene has become one of the nation’s most famous Holocaust comparison-makers. Rep. Greene even visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum recently after taking heat from both Democrats and members of her own party for comparing masking requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic to the Holocaust.


In general, groups like the Anti-Defamation League and others who make it their mission to tamp down on antisemitism have frowned on anyone making casual comparisons between modern policies and the Holocaust. That fact seems to have no bearing on Greene’s decisions however. She keeps doing it. Greene recently compared efforts by the Biden administration to get Americans vaccinated to how the Nazis treated Jewish people.

In a new interview with Steve Bannon, Greene made it quite clear she has a lot of comparisons to make to the Holocaust, and she won’t stop any time soon.

“Steve, I’m telling you, every day I see something else that reminds me of the Holocaust. Put me through metal detectors? That’s a Holocaust,” Greene said. “Not taking me up on my demand to debate the Green New Deal? HOLOCAUST. All the Democrats do is Holocaust us in one way or another.”

Greene said she’s considering suing anyone who calls her Holocaust comparisons out, stating they’re violating her rights.

“Telling me not to compare things to the Holocaust is like the Holocaust,” Greene insisted, crack smoke bellowing out from her mouth. “That’s the truth. That’s always gonna be the truth, and as long as I feel it’s true, as white conservative American, that’s all that matters.”


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