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I love lists! They are one of the best things the Internet has given us as a society IMHO. A wonderful way to see a group of things together in one place. A list.

Top 5s are not my favorite. They are too short unless the sample field is small. Top 5 episodes of Friends where Joey and Rachel hook up might work (5 is probably pushing it) but if you are going to do a Ross/Rachel list you’d want to go 10. Top 5 African-American U.S. Presidents won’t work (yet). Top 5 Pictures of Crotch Warts? No thanks. Top 5 lists are weak and when I sat down to make my list of my favorite lists, none made the Top 10.

On the other end of the list spectrum, Top 100s are too large. I will give you AFI’s Top 100 Films of All Time as a great list. Easily one of the Top 5 Lists of all time. That list is iconic but the rest are too long and fall short. Do your really need the Top 100 Louisiana Hot Sauces or the Top 100 James Franco films (dude is in a lot of movies)? No. A list is best when kept simple. Focused.

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Lists are a great way to re-affirm your own opinions. They can also piss you off but only if you disagree with the bullshit that made the list. You may also find out about something new from a list. It really can go a lot of ways.

One thing you will not find on my Top 10 List of Top 10 Lists are those lists where you have to go through a slideshow. I hate those kinds of lists. I want a List to be number of items written in a consecutive order. Like a “List”!! Not a slideshow. If you like slideshow lists, bounce.

Here’s how I came up with The List. I went through my favorite lists and picked out the best. Then I made a list. Over 300 lists made that first list. I subdivided the list into sub-lists and then narrowed those lists by picking my favorite ones and removing the others. The best Pizza Places list was derived from a list of 26 Pizza Places lists. I picked the Top 10 Sodas list from a list of 23 Top 10 Sodas lists. Once I narrowed it down to a list of 25 Top 10 Lists, I spent nearly 2 months reducing those 25 down to the 10 you see. I have no doubt that this is the definitive list.

So here go!! Foodie Francis’s Top 10 List of Top 10 Lists!! Enjoy!!

  1. Top 10 Micro Brews Picked by Beer Drinkers
  2. Top 10 Selling Candy Bars
  3. Top 10 UFC fighters
  4. Top 10 Pizza Places
  5. Top 10 Protein Bars
  6. Top 10 Bars in the World
  7. Top 10 Cheeses
  8. Top 10 Sodas
  9. Top 10 Junk Foods
  10. Top 10 Cookies

“Foodie” Francis Morgan is a stay-at-home food blogger and Fast Food enthusiast. He is an “Everyman” who eats food “Everyday.”  

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